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Thread: Jat MLAs elected

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    Jat MLAs elected

    The results of Assembly Election-2003 in the states of Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh are out. A large number of Jat MLAs have been elected. It is first time that Jat Samaj of Rajasthan had openly supported BJP. The results show that Jat Vote Bank can lead any party to victory in Rajasthan. The list of elected MLAs shows a large no. of jat members in Rajasthan.
    I am giving the details of MLAs of jat samaj elected in Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh has only a limited population of jats. Jats are confined to Gwalior,Datia,Bhind,Shivpuri,Guna,Bhopal,Raisen,Ha rda,Hoshangabad,Dewas,Indore,Ratlam,Dhar Districts of M.P. Following are the MLAs elected in 2003 election- District... Constituency.... name.........................Phone
    1. Harda ....... Harda................Kamal Patel(BJP)..........9826241397
    2. Ratlam........ Ratlam Rural...... Dhulji Chodhary(BJP)....07412-289210

    Our members from other states may provide the list of Jat MLAs.
    Laxman Burdak

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    jats as MLAs in MP ...........surely comes as a surprise to me.thanks for the info.

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    It may also come as a surprise that there are Jats in Andhra Pardesh around Hyderabad. Even though they speak Hindi with a different accent and their Telugu is pretty good.

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    Regarding indian politics read K. Gajendra Singh's arcticle in

    I wish we could have a prime minister and other ministers off course who could really give India its lost glory and some infrastructure along with education to all.



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    even with a huge majority of MLAs being Jat in last congress govt, they cud not make a Jat CM. They lost the best chance they ever had in Rajasthan.

    There are jat villages in MP, specially in Malwa (Indore) region. Long ago whole village from rajasthan had migrated to this region to escape famine in rajasthan. Traditionally this used to be a seasonal temporary migration in event of famine in rajasthan. But some of them cleared the forest and settled down as this was sparsely populated backward region and hence did not face any local opposition. The native people of MP are tribals. But today majority of them can trace their roots to other states.

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    Laxman Bhai
    Many congts
    No surprise- many MLA ,s from KASMIR TO KERALA are jats.


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    Thanks all.
    Dharmpalji, you are right. Mr.Kamal Patel is DUDI and is third time MLA from Harda in M.P. It is true that jats of Malwa region had migrated from Rajasthan about two centuries back as rightly mentioned by Anilji.In this region jats are influencial and good land lords.
    One very interesting information is that India's Central Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs Mr. VIKRAM VERMA is also JAT from Dhar district in M.P.
    Laxman Burdak

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