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Brigadier Ran Singh was former Speaker of Haryana assembly from 1968-72. Again Speaker and Minister in Janta Dal Govt .Son of Capt. Kehri Singh of Deeghal village in Jhajjar district. He commanded 3 Jat in war with Pakistan in 1948 in Kargil. His son Capt.Badan Singh Ahlawat of 3 Para Regt an elite force died in an avalaunch on a hazaourdous mission in Kashmir in 1963. He won the Gulmarg Skeeing champonship two times. The Govt. College Dujana is named Brig. Ran Singh.

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Brig. Ran Singh was a great man who served the nation both in defense services and politics. After having been elected MLA he was elected speaker of the Haryana assembly. He was active member of the congress.

He dreamt that the poor of the country and the Jats of Haryana must get the dues of their own. He supported the farmer community which was in poor conditions because of the failure of monsoon. He sent the message to the govt. to support the farmers so that the economy of the country would be the progressive in India. He married Gulabo Devi of Beri village. And the couple was blessed with three kids,two sons and one daughter. Mrs Gulabo died in 2006 after a long illness.

One of his sons, captain Badan Singh, was also in the army and died during the snowstorm. He was unmarried. 

His second son, Shamsher was married with Nadini. She is educated and is very active in political and developmental work of the village. In the memory of late Brig Ran Singh, a school is functioning in Dujana. This school has three buildings and more than 1000 students are studying in the school.

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