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For village see Mothsara Hisar

Motsara (मोटसरा) Mothsara (मोठसरा)[1] Mothsra (मोठसरा) Mothasara (मोठसरा) Mothshera (मोठशेरा) Modsara (मोड़सरा)Morsara(मोरसरा) [2] Mothda (मोठड़ा) Mothra (मोठड़ा) Motada (मोटड़ा) Motara (मोटड़ा) is Gotra of Jats found in Rajasthan and Haryana. In some villages of Jhunjhunu and Sujangarh area they are pronounced as Modsara or Morsara. In Marwad area of Rajasthan this gotra is pronounced as Mothda (मोठड़ा), Mothra (मोठड़ा), Motada (मोटड़ा), Motara (मोटड़ा) etc. They are branch of Chauhans.



Motsara are Descendants of Moterao Chauhan (मोटेराव चौहान 1315 ई.) of Dadrewa.


According to some historians they are considered descendants of Maharaja Medashira (मेदशिरा). [3] There is also a Jat tribe in Rajasthan called Motsara, to be identified with Motsiya of Iran.[4]

According to Bhats of Mothsaras their ancestors were Chauhans of Dadrewa. Bhat records tell that Motarao & Bhurarao Chauhan's were brother in Dadrewa. Descendants of Motarao are Motsara & Descendants of Bhura are Bhukar. These two gotras are considered as Brother & inter-marriages between them are not permitted.[5]

We need to research Moteraya Chauhan of Dadrewa who was ancestor of Gogaji also.

Chandan Mothasara told this history that their Bhat is from Lachhadsar. According to Bhat they were pattidar of small area of Bidasar. At that time they had a war with Bidawats and killed their leader as the army of Motsaras was more strong & organised. They came to Bhaleri in Churu from Bidasar area. Mothsaras after staying in Bhaleri for some time went to Naharana. They are still living in Naharana.

While they were staying in Bhaleri, there was a marriage proposal from Chaudhary Manaram of Dhana Bhakhran (who was Chaudhary of village) for his daughter to one ancestor of Motsara. Manaram had no son, after some year his daughter’s husband passed away then Manaram decided to give his Chaudhar to his Nati (Dohita) Hastaram.

  • Hastaram had 3 sons- 1.Devaram, 2.Banaram & 3.Shyokaran.
  • 1.Devaram had 2 sons
Ch.Malaram’s only grandson Dr Chandan Mothasara is Doctor who was selected in Rpmt in very first attempt,now posted at dadrewa phc as nedical officer incharge. Granddaughters Dr Bhagwati was the 2008 Rpmt topper& suman mothasara is doing mbbs from bikaner medical college..
All 4 sons of Indraj are Compounder (MN 2)
  • 2.Banaram was next Chaudhary. He was very famous in the whole Taranagar area & was Godfather of Ch.Maniram Mothsara. Banaram was illiterate . Banaram had 5 daughter but no son. He vacated the seat of Pradhan for Maniram who remained on that position for 18 years till he contested for MLA from Taranagar.
  • 3.Shyokaran had 6 son.
Mamraj who is son of Shyokaran was adopted by Ch.Banaram .
Mukesh is Ch.Mamraj’s grandson who got selected in AIEEE, now doing B.Tech.from NIT Surthkal which is among top 20 Engineering college in India.

Villages founded by Motsara clan

Chauhans of Dadrewa

Another feudatory Chauhan family which deserves notice on account of its connection with the folk-deity Gogaji as well as the Kyamkhani (Qiwam Khani) family of Fatehpur, is that of the ‘’Mandaleshwara’’ of Dadrewa (Bikaner Division), known to us from the Kyam Khan Raso and an inscription of V.1273. From the first of these sources we learn that Gogaji was the eldest son of Jevara (जेवर) and ruled for some years. His Successor was Naniga (नानिग), who perhaps died childless. The chieftainship then probably passed on to Udayaraja, a son of Goga's brother, Vairasi. Udayaraja's successors were Jasaraja, Kesoraja, Vijayaraja, Padmasi, Prithviraja, Lalachanda, Gopala, and Jaitasi. It is for the last of these rulers, 'ranaka Jayatsiha, the son mandaleshvara Gopala', that we have an inscription of V. 1270 (1213 A.D. by Govind Agarwal) at Dadrewa (JPASB. XVI •• 257). Jayatasiha's successors were Punapala, Rupa, Ravana, Tihunapala, and Moterao (1315 AD). The last one of them had a son named Karama Chanda who was converted to Islam (Kayamkhani) by Firuz Shah, (1351-1388 A.D.).[6]

Ancestry of Moterao Chauhan

Moterao Chauhan was descendant of Gogaji, who was born at village Dadrewa in Churu district by the blessing of Guru Gorakhnath. The mother of Gogaji, Bachal worshiped her Guru Gorkhnath for 12 years for a child. The Gogaji's wife was Siriyal. The Ancestry of Gogaji and Motarao is based on Dasharatha Sharma [7] is as under:-

Chahuman → • Muni → • Kalahalanga → • Ghangh (902 AD[8]) {Harsha+Harkaran+Jeen (933 AD)[9]} → • Kanho → • ? → • ? → • ? → • Jivraj/ Jevara (m. Bachal) (Dhandhu to Dadrewa) → • Naniga (childless) → • Gogaji (946-1024 AD) → • Bairasi (Brother of Goga) → • Udayaraja (son of Vairasi) → • Jasaraja → • Kesoraja → • Vijayaraja → • Padmasi → • Prithviraja → • Lalachanda → • Gopala → • Jaitasi (1213 AD) → • Punapala → • Rupa → • Ravana → • Tihunapala → • Moterao (1315 AD) → • Karamachanda (converted to Kayamkhani Muslims by Firuz Shah, 1351-1388 A.D.)

Ustra pillar Inscription of 1192 AD

We find mention in Ustra pillar Inscription of 1192 AD a name Motiswara. This needs further research if Motsara is related with Motiswara of this inscription.

जोधपुर जिले के उर्स्तरा कसबे में एक वीर स्तम्भ मिला है. डॉ गोपीनाथ शर्मा[10] इस शिलालेख के बारे में लिखते हैं कि वि.स. 1248 ज्येष्ठ बड़ी 6 (4 मई 1192 ई.) के इस लेख में गुहलोत्र (गहलोत) वंशी राणा मोटीस्वरा के साथ उसकी मोहिल रानी राजी के सती होने का लेख है. मोहिल चौहानों की एक शाखा है जिसका पहले नागौर और बीकानेर राज्य के कुछ भाग पर अधिकार था.

Distribution in Rajasthan

Villages in Bikaner district

Thukariyasar, Lunkaransar

Villages in Hanumangarh district

Mothsaran, Ratanpura, Sangaria, Rawatsar

Dungrana, Malsisar, Chhani Badi, Bhadra, Hanumangarh, Naharana, Dhannasar, Dhaban, Sardarpura Khalsa,

Villages in Ganganagar district

Dhingtania (Sadulsahar), Prempura,

Villages in Churu district

Dhadharia Charnan, Taranagar, Kalwas, Devgarh, Dhana Bhakaran, Khandwa, Rajas, Ramsisar Bhedwaliya, Ribiya, Rolasar, Sardarshahar, Churu, Rajgarh, Charsar, Maharavansar,

Villages in Jhunjhunu district

Chirawa, Hanumanpura, Indrapura, Modsara, Morsara Ka Bas,

In Hanumanpura village Mothsara are called as Modsara (मोड़सरा).

Villages in Nagaur district

Motsara Ki Dhani, Khajwana,

Villages in Jodhpur district

Chopasni, Jodhpur, Nandwan,

Mothra (मोठड़ा), Mothara, Mothada, Mothda) gotra Jats live in Jodhpur, Pali, Nagaur districts in Rajasthan. They are same as Motsara.

Villages in Pali district


Distribution in Haryana

Villages in Bhiwani district

Rawaldhi, Kamod,

Villages in Gurgaon district


Villages in Hisar district

Mothsara Jats live in villages:

Mothsara, Adampur Mandi

Mothsara village is in Adampur tahsil in Hisar district in Haryana.

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