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Location of Ranoli in Sikar district

Ranoli (रानोली) is an ancient village in Danta Ramgarh District Sikar in Rajasthan. Its ancient name, mentioned in Harsha Inscription 961 AD (L-24), was Ranapallika (राणपल्लिका).



It is located on NH-11 between Sikar and Ringas, south of Sikar.

Jat Gotras in the village


We find mention of this place in Harsh Inscription of year 961 AD as Rana-pallika. The spiritual teacher Visva-rupa's disciple Allata was Vargatika brahman who belonged to Rana-pallika village in neighbourhood of Harsha. Rana-pallika is identified as present Ranoli village.

Notable persons

  • Col. Pramod Kumar (Badsara) - Colonel Army, VPO - Ranoli, Distt. - Sikar, Rajasthan, Present Address : 309, Bala ji Tower I, Sect.5, Vidyadhar Nagar, Jaipur, Mob: 9899759259

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