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Ranu (रानू)[1] is a Muslim Jat clan found in Pakistan.


Distribution in Punjab

Ranu - Ranu is the surname of Jatt Sikhs in Punjab.

Villages in Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar district

There are many villages of Ranu Jatts in Punjab, mainly Sarhala Ranuan, Bharo Majara Ranuan, Jasso Majara, Bahar Majara near Phagwara (all in SBS Nagar).

Villages in Sangrur district

Ranwan in Malerkotla District.


Ranu, like other Punjabi Jatts, have emigrated in large numbers to the UK, Canada, USA, Italy, Australia, and all over the world. Some families have their surname listed as Rana instead of Ranu on their passports.

H.A. Rose[2] provides us the following genealogy of Kharral as given by the Mirasi at Pandndwala in the Chiniot Tahsil of the Jhang District : —

Punwar. → Udadip. → Jagdeo.→ Karral.→ Gaidal.→ Sulangi. → Vimian. → Butta.→ Aira.→ Jajja.→ Jaisal.→ Ranu. → Khiva. → Kharral.→ Buddh.→ Gaddan.→ Deore.→ Udrath.→ Sareg.→ Jagsin. → Kaulra. → Vasu. + Visa.

Notable persons


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