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  • Kumarishant's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:01 PM
    Buying a health insurance policy for yourself and your family is important because medical care is expensive, especially in the private sector....
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  • RanaRaja's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:51 AM
    RanaRaja replied to a thread Jattland Discord? in General Talk
    No issue, we accept all South Asians, and we are certainly very welcoming of Jats in particular. All Jats interested in anthropology, genetics,...
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  • delhione's Avatar
    February 23rd, 2021, 04:28 PM
    delhione replied to a thread Helping Kisans in Current Affairs
    Hi, great proposition ! Every village in Haryana is contributing in this struggle, and are prepared to continue and contribute more, till it...
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  • yashbalyan's Avatar
    February 22nd, 2021, 02:30 PM
    Namaste friends, Visited Jatland today to find out about ways & means of contributing financially to the honorable and just cause of farmers...
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  • lrburdak's Avatar
    February 20th, 2021, 10:20 AM
    Page has been created on Jatland. You can add info here also
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  • rkumar's Avatar
    February 14th, 2021, 04:17 AM
    rkumar replied to a thread Shayari (Part 2) in Time Pass
    Jiski Karen Shikayat, na wo apna jisko karen shikayat, na wo apna chorkar sare gile shikve, aa jaam laga apna kahte hai uske ghar der hai,...
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  • mandeep333's Avatar
    February 11th, 2021, 04:11 AM
    I fully agree with you. Jat (जाट) should be universally accepted. About 40 years ago I had some accident and went for treatment in government...
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  • mandeep333's Avatar
    February 2nd, 2021, 02:54 PM
    Chaudhary Devi Lal used to say Jats, Gujjars, Ahirs & Rajputs are brothers as a matter of fact there is nothing wrong thinking so. There has been...
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  • ayushkadyan's Avatar
    February 1st, 2021, 01:48 PM
    जाट मरा तब मानिए जब तेहरवी हो जाए। ये कहावत है जाटों की फ़ाइटिंग स्पिरिट को बताने के लिए। उस नेवर गिव-अप ऐटिट्युड के लिए जो आख़िरी दम तक लड़कर...
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  • Dev4522's Avatar
    January 31st, 2021, 03:45 PM
    How to get admission in kendriya vidyalaya for private employees
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  • jkay's Avatar
    January 31st, 2021, 12:57 PM
    Is Ladke Ka Dhang Badal, Ramesh Kalawadiya, Mor Music Company, Kutub Vihar Compitition Delhi - YouTube I think it will address your curiosity ....
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  • ayushkadyan's Avatar
    January 30th, 2021, 04:53 PM
    It's not about Jat Vs Gujjar only. Jats have "Don't give a F..." attitude towards other communities then it hardly matters who like or dislike us....
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  • Dev4522's Avatar
    January 30th, 2021, 12:26 PM
    Download free PDF for SSB Interview: officer like qualities Web development How long does it take to learn coding
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  • chahal07jat's Avatar
    January 29th, 2021, 08:28 PM
    If you want to ignore truth, then its your call. I lived in South Delhi and have personally encountered many instances of Jat-Gujjar rivalry.
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  • chahal07jat's Avatar
    January 29th, 2021, 08:25 PM
    South Delhi has more Gujjar Villages than Jat Villages. I guess Faridabad district has more Gujjar Villages than Jat Villages. Do you have any idea...
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  • chahal07jat's Avatar
    January 29th, 2021, 08:20 PM
    Where did you get this figure of 8% in Gautam Buddh Nagar. 8% is too much bro. Do not inflate figures.
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  • chahal07jat's Avatar
    January 29th, 2021, 08:15 PM
    This platform is for Jat issues and for increasing unity among Jats. If you have relevant thing to talk about this topic, only then message.
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  • chahal07jat's Avatar
    January 29th, 2021, 08:11 PM
    Hello everyone. I want to share my personal experiences with you guys. I know Gujjars very well and it is very true they harbour animosity towards...
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