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  1. Name of Villages in Jatland.
  2. "Jan Jagriti - An Awakening"
  3. Book Collection
  4. Global Warming
  5. Save Female Foetus In India.
  6. Let's Develop a Knowledge Based Society
  7. The Social Responsibility of State
  8. Holidays Holidays and Holidays ….?
  9. I Will Go With Two small Suitcases: Kalam
  10. No More Bombs- No more Wars- We want Peace
  11. Nasha नशा - शराब - Solution/Remedy????
  12. Promoting Haryanvi Culture through Community-based International Tourism
  13. care
  14. The nadir at Baghpat
  15. I Owe My Parents!
  16. Need Advice/Help for getting funding and donation for the NGO....
  17. Responsibility!
  18. Low female to male ratio... a concern
  19. hello friends
  20. Sachchi Mardanaggi
  21. Elimination of Political Corruption in India
  22. why people say i love INDIA
  23. Ekta Ka Suttra Battaiye
  24. why are so many actors politicians in india?
  25. Hadde Ke Aana Jarruri Tha Tharra
  26. nathu ram godse was wrong or we ?
  27. Be social,natural & Be a human lover
  28. ~~ Lovely lonliness ??
  29. A scientist in the field------
  30. For all those educated-illiterate pigs who lack civic sense
  31. Kaya aaj Bharat ko Bhagat Singh ki Jarurat hai?
  32. Senior citizen's international day---1st October
  33. Must Read! Inspiring words from Sachin Tendulkar!!!
  34. why we need any guru ?
  35. Preach the message on Right to Emergency care.
  36. My village fellows are marching---
  37. Open letter to all politicians...present occupant and future aspiring
  38. Wish Indian Airforce A Happy Birthday
  39. Good story .. Touching Heart
  40. Jat Charity - Donation for kids
  41. Worth making a note .. where are we heading
  42. State of Educationists
  43. Kya Hum Bekaabbu Ho Rahe Hein
  44. suggestions from all jat community
  45. Kahani Deepa Kee
  46. Biggest company of India
  47. Mera Bharat Mahan
  48. Jats working in Corporate world - A call for JJ
  49. 41 saal ka Haryana
  50. Child's Gender Identity: Role Of School
  51. Bush tries to derail progress on climate---
  52. Haryanavi Farmer!
  53. Selling Haryana to outsiders
  54. Sports College
  55. Kheti Bachao---- Beti Bachao
  56. Tata,ISRO to launch cleanest vehicle based on hydrogen fuel
  57. Ch Chhotu Ram jayati celebrated all over Haryana
  58. Here are four tips to help you make others feel more important.
  59. New Generation Terrorism giving birth in INDIA
  60. Billion Beats !
  61. Pre-Birth Elemination of Female & new paradigm of development in Haryana.
  62. Adaa
  63. No Smoking in buses (public places) - different takes
  64. young youth spoiling there future with there own hands
  65. Jats Glory
  66. help for adaa and help from adaa
  67. Let Us Talk About Agriculture
  68. ~~ A handshake with our culture
  69. Industry Vs Agriculture
  70. Delhi Guragon toll road failed totally and will not be success in future too.
  71. Shudh Hindi.........
  72. Is “Tuition” Necessary for Junior Classes?
  73. JAT-Just Animal Type to "JUST AND TRUTH"
  74. Haryanvi Sanskriti ... and its carriers
  75. Recent Govt. initiatives ... Urban Planning and Your View
  76. ^..^ Pardaa hai pardaa ......
  77. golden opportunity for land allotment for IT park/ education intitutions in Gtr Noida
  78. Young committing suicide :-(!!
  79. Kya Arya Nirman Hi Rastra Nirman Hai!!!
  80. Biased Media
  81. Men seek protection from abusive women
  82. message of sant kabirdas
  83. message of sant kabirdas--2
  84. The Hymn of creation (rigveda)
  85. Adaa Home for Special Children
  86. SEZ farmers buy back land to start companies
  87. Silence of Centre Govt and Supreme Court
  88. prgress of community
  89. Motivating the girl child
  90. Respect to Motherhood
  91. Some Satire On Today
  92. Highly Educated Jat Boy Matrimonial Ads
  93. Jat: A Rigid Community
  94. jat in legal profession
  95. ADAA - in news
  97. A sad day in the History of Jaipur and India
  98. Speech by Ex President of India
  99. Got 10 minutes for your country? If yes, then read; otherwise, choice is?
  100. Let Us Stand Up And Be Counted
  101. Cheers Reservation
  102. Role of media
  103. Can U bring any good change as an individual in the society
  104. JJ/ADAA update
  105. Philosphy of life
  106. Charity Had Been The Way Of Life For Jats
  107. one more jat honour end his life........
  108. Child Labour
  109. ADAA home for special kids
  110. Spend 10Min Dr A P J Abdul Kalam.ppt
  111. Politics and Indian Society
  112. Menace of begging/child exploitation
  113. Jatland Support Fund
  114. Height of corruption? India's poorest paid Rs 883 cr as bribe!
  115. 'Bare' Minimum
  116. Thank you Mr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda
  117. Political market
  118. Problems due to the 'Kawar' in UP and some other areas
  119. Social service for Jatlanders in Bay area
  120. The drift Yamuna still the line of control
  121. Do we actually need NCR (National Capital Region)
  122. What Gujars Write About Jats
  123. High Court rejects Niketa’s plea to terminate pregnancy
  124. Read & reply: Humiliation of jat women wrestlers !!
  125. In India, even God is helpless, says SC
  126. JJ visit of children to national museum
  128. Are organisations really working for society (a part of responsibility)
  129. Custom Clearance
  130. Vibha: For underprivileged children in India
  131. Help needed from US
  132. The need to form JATSENA
  133. Help
  134. Kitni himmat ho gai haan ajj musalmaano ki....?
  135. one of the best article..source is unknown
  136. Story of a beggar child
  137. Farmers and Politics
  138. Realistic Picture of Jats
  139. The blasts destroyed more than what we see...
  140. ADAA in Indian Express
  141. The life ever best gift to our parents !!!
  142. JJ volunteers needed
  143. Islamisation of Media
  144. ADAA - donate used clothes for street children
  145. Common Word for Identity of Jat Community
  146. FYI - Right to Emergency Care
  147. Jat identity after `3-5 years
  148. Time has come to repeat the history
  149. Endangering life of a child
  150. Please support Siddhantwadi Sangathan (NGO)
  151. Sex Education in India : Whats the importance : Yes or No ???
  152. Kya Kiya Humney
  153. About Rohypnol
  154. 49-O in Constitution of India
  155. Jat Officers Social Forums(Deepawali Sneh Milan Samaroh- 2008)
  156. Information required on Jat Organisations
  157. Commercialization of Media
  158. Jan Jagriti - Annual Day
  159. Mera siddhant
  160. Who is Responsible for this situation of the Country
  161. What is your opinion on Reservation
  162. Are we living in civilized society ???
  163. If u are a indian please read
  164. Ram mandir par 15 crore waste karegi hamari indian sarkar
  165. Saving the Girl Child - My article in Indian Express
  166. Value Relationships in Life !!!!
  167. Jat unity
  168. A bhole Jat ek to tu bolna seekh le dusra apna dushman pahchanna seekh le
  169. Jat girl renu rathee living on streets in mumbai
  170. What we guys are doing
  171. Social work na karne ke bahane...Wch one u will choose???
  172. Touching song (video) on female feticide by Rambhateri
  173. ADAA - 'for special children', annual activity update for 2008
  174. Why i am a hindu...
  175. Bann on Polythene
  176. @@ Battle of the genders ....
  177. Modern Haryanvi Songs - Destroying the culture
  178. Jaago Haryana - Where are 7 wonders of India nominees from Haryana in NDTV program..?
  179. Empty Nest Syndrome
  180. Raise your Voice against corruption
  181. Speak up against terrorism and corruption
  182. We as a society are responsible
  183. Have we lost sensitivity ??
  184. Maharaja Suraj Mal's staue was unveiled today at .. Maharaja Suraj mal Stadium today
  185. Exams, children, suicides
  186. Should we help beggers?
  187. Free medical treatment!
  188. Encouraging negative Stereo types
  189. Save money and energy in your wedding!
  190. Mujhe Mat Maro !
  191. Need of the hour: Spending time with our ELDERS
  192. World Water Day
  193. Suggestion
  194. Paash ko ''Lal Slaam"
  195. Switch off your lights for 1 hour on 28th March 2009
  196. hi guys...!!!
  197. Why is the youngest country in the world run by the oldest Parliament?
  198. Inspirational English Short stories for village children
  199. Vote for Jat Candidates irrespective of political parties
  200. Appeal : Please Vote in Large numbers in the Lok Sabha Elections-2009
  201. Voters Awareness Campaign - An Open Invitation
  202. Mother's Educational and Charitable Trust
  203. Religious intolerance and Fanaticism !
  205. Important Toll Free Numbers of India
  206. Hey:)
  207. Reservation for Muslims (minorities) in jobs and education
  208. Village Summer Camp for children
  209. Fool's all Around
  210. costly medical treatment
  211. Jago Jat-Jago!
  212. Haryana Goof up on Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PNDT) Act
  213. Protest for defamation of lord ganesha : Image on beer bottle
  214. Agriculture in Haryana - the declining trend
  215. 10 yrs of kargil
  216. 'Fake encounter' An Innocent Ghaziabad youth killed by cops in Dehradun
  217. Population Dividend by Govt.
  218. Again a Gotra-Marriage Row!!
  219. can grandmother surname be relaxed when lookin for a girl
  220. Water is life
  221. " jat koum me gotrr vivaad jaayaj ya najaayaj "
  222. Don't Kill Girl Child!!!!
  223. Global warming
  224. Jatton ke jinda itihas ko bachao !
  225. Der Aaye Durusht Aaye!
  226. Worth To Read
  227. Respect
  228. Who is responsible for the development of india??
  229. Na aana iss desh Laado
  230. thought of the day
  231. dadi's gotra
  232. Jat initiatives for education of rural youth
  233. Do we believe we respect our elders?
  234. Ruchika who's responsible
  235. Suicide by Students why?
  236. How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth? – A Documentary by Sir David Attenborough
  237. Kyoto Protocol ???
  238. Dikkat kahan hei
  239. Neha Chhikara- A.Dalal NRI Dowry Murder Case: Does education realy uplift community?
  240. Donate Used Computers
  241. Want to be part of group
  242. Nice Story
  243. International Children’s Film Forum launched AWARE INDIA program
  244. "What's the number one reason most people continue to suffer from low self-esteem?"
  245. Bhoondi baat laaggi
  246. Haryanvi Dance forms - Reviving
  247. Didwana, nagaur
  248. bekaar na jaane dein... ek bhi boond
  249. Those guilty of "Within Gotra" marriage should be ostrasized by JAT's... Yes or No ?
  250. Honour of Brilliant Students