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  1. Meerut Riots of May, 1987
  2. How rich you are.
  3. भरतपुर के राजा मानसिंह हत्या कांड में फिर &am
  4. JAT community From Bird's eye: a Must read for Delhi & Haryana Jat
  5. Successful 1st NCR Delhi Jaat meet
  6. India farmers stake claim to Delhi land
  7. क्या पुनर्जन्म होता है?
  8. आओ चलें संपूर्ण स्वाधीनता की ओर.....
  9. आर्य प्रशिक्षण सत्र
  11. Sampoorna kranti!!!
  12. Who will marry jat Girls?
  13. When you hand over your decisions to some one else
  14. Nishant Dahiya - A model turned actor debuting on 14th Oct !!
  15. The Last Victory
  16. We will die but don't want to go back to Paksitan : Pakistani Hindus
  17. "shamli & hapur-2 new districts,way to snatch jaat votes"
  18. Rules are Rules.
  19. jat shaheedi diwas rally @ mayyad 13 sept 2011
  20. What is it
  21. Vah re Yojna Aayog
  22. The population of India & The Poverty
  23. 1971 Indo-Pak War : World's Biggest Military Surrender
  24. Ideal/Practical/Real :: Which one is better?
  25. anybody at Civil Hospital Gurgaon?
  26. दशहरे पर हार्दिक शुभ कामनाएं
  27. हमारी संस्कृति |
  28. What love is?
  29. Anna Hzaare V/S Corruption
  30. Martyrdom of Bhagat Singh - Hidden Facts
  31. Ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh passes away
  32. Who is Robert Vadhera??????????????
  33. How much effect Anna have on the voters particularly in Hisar Loksabha elections?
  34. Tea Lovers.
  35. Cold Coffee
  36. Flavoring Pulao/Rice
  37. Corruption versus Dictator
  38. why HEERs are more clever than JAT?
  39. Pain
  40. Villages of Yore
  41. Reality of India
  42. RIP Dennis Ritchie
  43. मेधावी छात्र /छात्रा सम्मान समारोह
  44. ..y most of our community is nt readily acceptning exposure to new changes nd ideas.
  45. Glass Noodle Salad Recipe.
  46. Sweet Dish/Dessert Recipe (Banana Caramel).
  47. My book on NDTV
  48. शराब - अच्छी या बुरी
  49. Happy Diwali to All Jatland users
  50. ajeeb he
  51. Car Racing Now In India
  52. A must read-So much to learn from this excerpt.
  53. what had been main profession of our jat ancestors? Is it farming?
  54. Reason for less woman presence on Jatland.com.
  55. क्या जाट होना एक अलग एहसास है..........
  56. novels
  57. A Husband’s Request to GOOGLE
  58. meida mein url paste na hote
  59. Your Attitude
  60. Sea Food (Shrimp with A Basic Sauce)
  61. 30,984 करोड़ का नुकसान हुआ। 2g scam
  62. Misuse of Domestic Violence Act.
  63. what is intelligence,?????
  64. दीपावली की शुबं कामनाएं |
  65. why v cant grow?????
  66. Sonia's 84 crore Rupees Black Money in Swiss Bank
  67. we are still slaves , Gandhi landlord still ruling !!!!
  68. wat du u say abt dis gift system on diwali???????
  69. World Jat Congress & World Jat Aryan Foundation- Information About The Organisations
  70. Going from distress to no stress
  71. Oat and Rye
  72. does discussion helps us in any ways??????
  73. difference in jat families in UP n Haryana
  74. status of a jat in society
  75. hadde ke sang ho ra se?????????
  76. what is your opinion ??????????????
  77. My book on Flipkart
  78. has anyone read books penned by Dr.Shamim Sharma on haryanvi wit and humor??
  79. इंसान की समझ बूझ से आप क्या समझते हैं?
  80. iNDIA IN 1835
  81. A Psychologial Test To Know more about Yourself (Fun Stuff).
  82. Why are the jews so smart?
  83. assistance by professionals
  84. म्हारै काके का ब्याह सै, काकी ल्याणी सै नया &
  85. sumthing abt haryanvi culture
  86. Patent leather shoes
  87. Blind faith and Laws in India
  88. haryana aala ne janamdin mubarak ho!!!!!!!!111
  89. ठकराल जाट होते हैं ,या नहीं
  90. Extra marital affairs in society
  91. Overeating Is Killing More Than Hunger
  92. Humanity or religion
  93. हू इज़ हिन्दू? (Who is a Hindu?)
  94. CNN IBn - India Positive
  95. Living at Montek's poverty line!
  96. which community hate JATS the most????????????????????
  97. Why Intelligent People Fail ??????????????????????
  98. Apple Waldorf Salad Recipe.
  99. Corn on the Cob.
  100. Industrial Development in Haryana
  101. Invitation to Book Launch 'In quest of The Last Victory'
  102. Swastik symbol
  103. Important Information - Passport Department !
  104. Do you think we all should introduce ourselves?
  105. Men in between Maa and Wife
  106. tHE aGe fAcToR !
  107. JAWHAR LAL NEHRU- Don't know how much it is right
  108. Isn't it a murder?
  109. Capt. Vikram Batra
  110. Sardars
  111. Review of my book by John
  112. Japan & Islam !!!!!!!!!
  113. Do you think women on JL get more response to their posts?
  114. Why do Intelligent People often Think, Speak, and Behave Unintelligently?
  115. Jaat-THE POWER
  116. condition of farmers
  117. Be a DESI
  118. e-book
  119. help me find an article by an English on religion conversion
  120. Rahul Gandhi kee jaanch kyon nahi hot????????
  121. Karmaveer Puruskar 2011
  122. Very Useful Information:
  123. Walmart, Tesco, Carrefour या Metro के आने से जमींदार को क्या नुकसान है
  124. Know your Laws (new or Amendments State/Central/UR-Indian Laws)..Good1
  125. choudhary charan singh
  126. Is America trying to capture world?
  127. Why do people look down on farmers???
  128. Is CoEducation upto (high school) better than all girls/boys school education?
  129. Indian Parliamentary Democratic System !!!!!!!
  130. Advani better HM than PC, BJP better tackling terrorism: Survey
  131. The Slow Death Of The RTI Act
  132. US House approves faster green cards for Indian IT workers
  133. Haryanvis shine at NDA passing out parade
  134. No deadline on Afzal Guru's mercy plea: Congress Govt
  135. Beautiful India.....But No More Visitors
  136. Let's Learn English to accept International Challenge!!!
  137. Are Jat men stingy with giving compliments to women?
  138. E book by Brigadier Lakshman Singh VSM (Retd)
  139. Diary Writing
  140. हरियाणवी छोरे को फेसबुक में 65 लाख की नौकरी
  141. Innovative Break-up
  142. In quest of the last victory
  143. On what basis you take a stand on any discussion at JL?
  144. Is not jatland a community forum?, Is not jat community a large family?,
  145. Simplicity in life
  146. JAT (Just Another Taste) Restaurant in Nagaland
  147. Happy Birthday Dharmendra!
  148. blogging these days
  149. Lets greet Virender Sehwag
  150. Why famous JAT personalities dont come on JATLAND?
  151. Are we, jats are liberal or conservative..
  152. Why people wants respect because of their wealth/Rank?
  153. Oral communication in threads !!!!!!!!!
  154. Let's Research on Anna-----Know his root and reasons for his fight against corruption
  155. Chankya niti !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  156. Captains don't abandon their ships
  157. Msp(न्यूनतम समर्थित मूल्य) के निर्धारण में कि&
  158. How to conserve old good things....
  159. 16 December 1971
  160. Is knowledge of english a boon or bane?
  161. 'THE WEEK' and CNN-ibn
  162. Remembering Veer Bismil on his martyrdom day..
  163. Please be Alert !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  164. Food inflation at 4 year low!
  165. Rare Honour - meeting Madam President
  166. Yashpaal Malik ko rashtirya adhyaksh pad se hatane ki kya majburi thi ?
  167. How many of you wear or like to our traditional attire ?
  168. Suggest Jat Forum Website Name
  169. BEWARE of Detective camera of Income Tax Deptt !!!!!
  170. Nav-varsh ki hardik subhkamnaaye!!
  171. रिकॉर्ड कीमत में बिकी किसान की भैंस, सुन अच
  172. Any Jats in Auckland?
  173. Tips for skin and hair health.
  174. Are jats of up are below cast- why this discrimination
  175. ..how many of us tell other cast members about jatland..
  176. Advice about my plot/land
  177. junior bagh
  178. My book ranked among top 50 all time biogarphies & autobiographies
  179. Jat Candidate in UP Election
  180. Jat unity-Are we really united ??
  181. India is a Vigorous Democracy
  182. any Jat in calicut
  183. comedy of errors
  184. My book at Number 1 spot on flipkart.
  185. मकर संक्रांति पर सभी JLs को हार्दिक शुभकामना&#
  186. Population of Jats in India
  187. Interview of Col Hoshiyaar Singh
  188. Speech by Narayan murthy
  189. Want to know about chordiya gotra?
  190. film based on the current lifestyle & problems of farmers specially jats
  191. Delhi jats ‘well off’, fail to make the cut in OBC list
  192. Please join me to support my dream
  193. Captain Saurabh Kalia (1976 – 1999) - 4 JAT Regiment
  194. About Jaat A very Serious issue plz think ...
  195. 'जाट एक जाति नहीं विचारधारा है।' .. How much you agree with the quote?
  196. Will promoting myself "Being JAT" lead to tagging myself Racist?
  197. Chanakya and foriegn Daughter in Law 's Custom !!!!!!!!!
  198. Jat's connection with shiv ji
  199. Hindi Play in London
  200. jat ek prajati hain !!!!
  201. A Lesson From Maths----------Applicable in daily life !!!!!
  202. jaa mobile khoo jaa te ......
  203. Is Inverview process of Haryana staff Selection commission fair ??????
  204. Late Shri Rajiv Dixit Ji
  205. Who among you prefer Merit in Govt. jobs?
  206. S. Swami: One man demolition army
  207. Today is birthday of kavi pradeep
  208. Gauatam Budh Nagar University
  209. We Salute the Great Jat Hero of Azad Hind Fauj
  210. My book on Flipkart - Request to all friends
  211. Photography
  212. NCR - faridabad news
  213. Let us Pray for Speedy Recovery of Yuvraj - the Legendary Cricketeer
  214. Auditions for Hindi feature Film 13-14 feb 2012 10 am to 7 pm
  215. Let us pledge to follow the path shown by the all time Greatest Jat
  216. What if no Gandhi in Indian Politics ?
  217. चाणक्य के 15 सूक्ति वाक्य
  218. naa yhaan ,naa wahaan
  219. ..never judge a person...
  220. Hidden truth of Tajmahal(tejo mahalaya)
  221. Alert !! Haryana's image is degrading by what is portrayed in Haryanvi movies
  222. Dirty international games
  223. The Pretty Lady
  224. My motivational talk to Indian Hockey Team
  225. Are we united or divided
  226. Suggest a name for a new hospital!
  227. My book at World Book Fair 2012, Pragati Maidan, Delhi. 25th Feb to 4th March
  228. Need guidance for pomegranate and guava seeds or plants !
  229. Influence of Corporates over BCCI
  230. बदल गयी प्रेम की परिभाषा
  231. Jat Unity is possible if we devise adopt universally accepted ideals and values.
  232. युवराज-योगराज और धन्नो की कीमत सुन, उड़ जाए&am
  233. Vande Matram Geet nahi mai mantra hoon jeene-marne ka !!!!!!!
  234. Murrah buffalo on the ramp in jind
  235. Invitation to my book reading session- World Book Fair, Pragati Maidan, Delhi
  236. VIP Number for vehicles. Isn't it SHOW-OFF
  237. De-Sanskritization:- Requirement to discourage other castes to adopt our surnames
  238. CNN IBN 'Real Heroes' Award for the year 2012
  239. Are you agree that Rastragaan which we are following is ok
  240. आप सब कुछ जानते हैं इसलिए ------
  241. Remembering ChandraShekhar Azad
  242. Terrorism bred from History taught by Congress
  243. Who is Latika Syed?
  244. My book reading session at World Book Fair, tomorow, 3rd March, 2pm
  245. Why our community is breaking from super joint families to nuclear to single member ?
  246. सफलता के पांच मूल सूत्र
  247. Happy holiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  248. Our Community is ruling two of most prosperous states of India.
  249. CNN IBN coverage of adaa work. Thanks to them.
  250. Let us Congratulate Jagmati Malik