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  1. Controversy on Appointments to High Posts in Haryana
  2. Aisi bhi kya jaldi hai...
  3. Happy Raksha Bandhan
  4. Sin
  5. PROLOGUE to My Book Letters From Border publishe 2003
  6. Election Eve Stone Laying Spree and announcement of incentives - Haryana style
  7. मदरसा मे तिरंगा क्यों नही लहराया जाता है?????
  8. अपराधमुक्त अभियान... एक नई क्रांति
  9. Bharat Ratan Ki Bandar Baant
  10. B S Hooda Hooted in Prime Minister's Presence at Kaithal Function
  11. Teesta Setalvad type anti India Gangs
  12. India China Border face of...
  13. Yashpal Malik Kke Giraftaari Warrant
  14. A few among Jats themselves downgrading community
  15. निमंत्रण-पत्र
  16. हिंदुत्व की सबसे बड़ी समस्या
  17. DR. Abdul Qadeer Khan
  18. Hafiz Saeed and Hurriyat leader Gilani on Kashmir and Pakistan flood;
  19. why moderator deleted my post
  20. Randeep Hooda's Inspiring interview in Authentic Desi Haryanwi
  21. 8th September 1962
  22. 20 Coctober 1982
  23. MEMORIES from Past
  24. Will Modi's personal campaigning in Haryana Elections affect Election Results?
  25. चीन के उत्पादों का बहिष्कार !!!!!!!!
  26. Kisan Kab Tak Hariya Kahlayega?
  27. jat belt
  28. Exit polls, Results and who is who in Haryana Vidhan Sabha 2014
  29. Can the Stance of Sirsa Dera Sachha Sauda be termed anyti-Jat in Assembly Election?
  30. method to go inside
  31. संतोष नैयर !!!!!
  33. Aftermath of Haryana Assembly Results and We the Jats
  34. Why do haryana jats consider themselves superior?
  35. Letter to India’s Right: All critics aren’t leftists or ‘deshdrohis’
  36. Hi
  37. Ufo
  38. Why is India so filthy?
  39. ट्रेन में रेलवे आपको गंतव्य पर जगायेगा !!!!!
  40. The Black Tuesday
  41. Introducing Prof Bhim Dev Malik
  42. The Saturday Syndrome
  43. Zaildar and Firni: What are they? Need DETAILED historical explanation
  44. Haryanvi as Distinct Language: alphabets to be added to std Devnagri/Hindi script
  45. TRUE JAT ! Are you the one?
  46. सरकार में दमदार फैसले करने वालों की कमी
  47. Etymology (origin) and meaning of Haryanvi words
  48. Enlightenment
  49. Ch. Birender Singh Ji ke Cabinet Minister banne par Haardik Badhaeyaan.......
  50. LUCKNOW-The Period of Confusion and remembering Nehru
  51. Second Green Revolution
  52. Remembering the day
  53. Potential solutions to lack of brides in Number-1 Haryana
  54. JL trends: hijacked by morons in the past to a more reformist patronship now
  55. Another Effort…a Song for awareness against TASH CULTURE IN HARYANA
  56. The broken promice
  57. Saint Rampal
  58. Five tips to help raise kind kids
  59. Geographical spread of JL users: Where you currently are (usual place of residence)?
  60. A 2012 British study found women spend more time checking out other women than men
  61. Factors that prevent you from posting at JL?
  62. Rude, crude and a boor
  63. How will you show COLOR to a BLIND person
  64. Thread for Timeless Informative videos and posts
  65. Why Shall A Jawan fight for his country and not where he is paid good enough ?
  66. 16 December
  67. Do Jats place more premium on HONOR than PROSPERITY & PRAGMATISM?
  68. Lament of the lonely heart
  69. LETTER TO DAUGHTER IN LAW November 1962
  70. Gandhi ke rup me ek yug ka janm ??
  71. Stephen Hawking warns artificial intelligence could end mankind
  72. Kewal Deshi Gaye hi Govansh me !
  73. भारत-पाकिस्तान का सियासी ड्रामा
  74. हमारी असली ताकत !
  75. इंटरनेट एक दूसरे से जुडऩे का एक सशक्त माध्
  76. Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India : An appraisal
  77. हरियाणा को हिंदुओं का पंजाब बना दिया
  78. तेरे नाम की महिमा भी रोजगार का धंधा हैं !
  79. Liquor Store in US
  80. TOOLS OF SUBJUGATION: Why the dress code is OFTEN imposed ONLY ON WOMEN?
  81. Debunking the myths: In the name of tradition
  83. Nostalgia is a powerful emotional: what makes you senti?
  84. Common question that may be asked from candidates facing interview for IT jobs
  85. Swami Dayanand was one of the main proponent of reconverson (ShuddiKaran) to Hinduism
  86. If you want to change the world ...
  87. Baniya Sarkar !!
  88. हरियाणवी समाज में व्याप्त भ्रामक धारणाएं
  89. What is more important to you
  90. Must watch documentary
  91. घर वापसी का खेल !!
  92. देश में बढ़ता नक्सलवाद
  93. Changes in Indian Parliament
  94. Let us try to Understand what Religion is
  95. अगर आज छोटूराम होते तो!
  96. Bomb Blast rocks Bangalore
  97. religious and politically driven youtube documentaries
  98. All Inclusive Development policies and New Year Greetings from President of India
  99. ठगो से सावधान
  100. Lessons for India from Islamic Jihadi attack in Paris
  101. 56 inch ka seena ka kaam nahi aaya
  102. ओलिम्पिक में स्वर्ण जीतने वालों को इनाम मí
  103. Makar sakranti ki hardhik shubhkamnaye!
  104. A View On Islam
  105. Quality Cinema Lovers
  106. Messenger of GOD
  107. Is it not High Time for us to debate on Hindu Marriage Act 1955?
  108. वेदों में ही है अत्याधुनिक हथियारों और उपè
  109. Cm haryana window complaint cell
  110. Ancient migrating people dress
  111. Selfless love begets love
  112. I was a hindu!!!!
  113. THe day remembered
  114. A dog story
  115. जाट-जाटणी जो होवै तो सो कहलावै!
  116. How can we make our jatland a "lush green jatland"
  117. जाटों को 'चचनामा' में ‘चांडाल’ कहने के पीछे का
  118. Latest Researches And Innovations
  119. Delhi election
  120. AAP Led Delhi Government under scanner
  121. Church Attacks : Truth vs Propaganda
  122. खापलैंड पर महादलितों का ना होना!
  123. Holi Function in North Brunswick NJ
  124. Dress code
  125. श्रद्धा सुमन !!!!!!
  126. No thread encouraging participation
  127. 69-yr-old Farmer Stuns Karnataka Chief Minister
  128. Haryanvi Dance in Sydney
  129. Salute Women on International Women Day
  130. Travelling with Pros (Sushil Kumar)
  131. Mooji is in rshikaesh
  132. I G I Airport Voted best in Central Asia - Wins 2 awards.
  133. Anti Jat movies
  134. A great speech by Hukum Dev Yadav
  135. Our braveheart soldier murdered !!
  136. For KHAP Leaders' Attention
  137. A good read: No, PM Modi: Here's why I won't be giving up my LPG subsidy
  138. All the big scandals have roots in real estate and politicians
  139. Eye contact
  140. Beti Bachao - Beti Padhao
  141. After shock
  142. Bhagat Dhanna Jat
  143. Yah Kaisi Azadi ?
  144. Marta Kisan kare pukar Modi sarkar dekh le ek baar
  145. Pato Nahi
  146. Kya Kisan Insan Nahi ?
  147. Pahle Gaya haryana -Ab Bari Punjab ki
  148. ' भूखे पेट हरि भजन ना होई '
  149. हमारी सेवा सेवा नहीं ?
  150. First time in the battle zone
  151. पंजाबियों ने दी आंदोलन की चेतावनी !
  152. Attitude, will power and effort
  153. Anybody doing Safed musli cultivation?
  154. ' जैसे को तैसा '
  155. Village pond
  156. The vllages of yore
  157. जाट तो जाट हैं
  158. बनिया बुद्धि
  159. ' आशिक ने किया युवती पर तेजाब से हमला
  160. दबाव की राजनीति
  161. ' तीन पाँच ना करिये '
  162. Mahan Gokula Jat
  163. CH Chhoturam Jinda hote to !
  164. स्वास्थ्य मंत्री अनिल विज अपनी दादागिरी &#
  165. Focus on the Subject in Matrimonial Ads.
  166. One year on, "BJP" government and concrete steps.
  167. Atali danga ek sajish !
  168. जाग जट्टा जाग
  169. जितना अनुशासित उतना शोषित !
  170. Paschim Pradesh ya Purvi Haryana???
  171. How Come this was Missed
  172. There's a word for married working women: oniyome, or 'devil wives.'"
  173. The time machine
  174. OROP It happened in Greater NOIDA
  175. A few facts about ‘First Time in Battle
  176. Asli rashtrawadi !
  177. Jisme dam hoga Raj le lega !
  178. Khabardar !
  179. वोट करे देहात स्मार्ट बने सिटी !
  180. Koum ka durbhagya
  181. मरे पर खाने वाले जाट !
  182. आरएसएस एक साजिश !
  183. जिसकी जितनी संख्या भारी उसकी उतनी हिस्सेद
  184. IndoEuropean languages
  185. Jews as traders in Europe
  186. शत-प्रतिशत हरियाणवी प्रमाण पत्र के लिए संê
  187. Hang till death!
  188. How to delete profile/ account here on Jatland?
  189. One More Terrorist Nabbed
  190. Urbanization of the rural india
  191. The Villages of Yore
  192. The so called "Ekta Manch"
  193. Love --What is Love....
  194. Delhi borders with UP /HR /RJ (Rail and Road)
  195. लाल किला हमारा है
  196. Journey Time to and From Work Should count as working Time
  197. All Violence is Male Generated
  198. What is Life
  199. हरयाणवियों को जरूरत है तथाकथित राष्ट्रवा
  200. मक्का क्रेन हादसा बताता है कि एक जिम्मेदा&
  201. तेजा दशमी २३ सितंबर २०१५
  202. जाटो या तो आर्यसमाजी रह के मूर्तिपूजा से न&
  203. Wo kya hai :How to start a new thread every other day and keep it going for ages!
  204. Reservation and Jats
  205. Jatni needs help to win a contest
  206. What Makes People Happy
  207. लुगाइयाँ चीफ मिनिस्टर हरयाणा
  208. बीजेपी का 1 साल मे शिक्षा सुधार हरयाणा मे
  209. कांग्रेस के सेल्फ मेड राष्ट्र पिता गांधी è
  210. नार्वे की जाटनी विधायक
  211. Summit
  212. मल्लिका शेरावत को ias बनाना चाहते थे पिता, हरि
  213. Why we should save cow?
  214. When Viru batted, India was Basanti
  215. The black tues day
  216. Haryanvi Sikha Do .......
  217. इस राछ का के करेगा शिवराज
  218. Uniform Civil Code Remain a Far Cry
  219. The light railway
  220. MP Rajkumar Saini VS Jats
  221. नमस्कार!! मैं अरविन्द केजरीवाल बोल रहा हूँ|
  222. Muslim Jat Village
  223. मेरा राम सर छोटूराम
  224. जाटू उर्फ़ खाप सभ्यता की उत्तरी भारतीय समाé
  225. Some news | Should we link this with Woman Empowerment
  226. या तो 'रामायण/महाभारत' झूठी या फिर 'आर्य-भट्ट'
  227. आगे बढ़ने, संसाधन और निर्णयों में अपना आधिप
  228. want to buy murrah buffalo
  229. Haryana Gauvansh Sanrakshan and Gausamvardhan Act, 2015
  230. How to file a case in consumer court ! can anyone help ?
  231. Use of "A or AA" in indo european languages
  232. Who is more CORRUPT? Executive, legislative or Judiciary
  233. जाटों बालकां नै स्पोर्ट करो ताकि वो इस भाई &am
  234. अगर यूँ ईमारत पूजने से भगवान मिलें, तो मैं च&a
  235. LPG subsidy Curtailment for IT payers
  236. Need opinion on Organic Farming ?
  237. Happy New Year 2016
  238. Asli आतंकवादी to Humare Politicaians Hain
  239. Pollution level in India - Its hazardous :(
  240. gaanv.com - first website for rural India
  241. punjabi jatt
  242. Bad Break Ups
  243. Kiku Sharda Arrest
  244. Beef eating: strangulating history
  245. 30 th January 1948
  246. Balram Jakhar Passes away
  247. Battle of Tololing by Commando Digendra 'Cobra' Kumar himself. Kargil Hero and a Jat.
  248. भारतीय पहलवानों ने 12वें दक्षिण एशियाई खेल
  249. Whats' the worth of Speacial Backward Class for JATS ??
  250. Jat Non-Profit Organisation