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  1. Soldier Joining The Army
  2. Sanskritikran-misuse of jat gotras
  3. Link to my e- Books
  4. Kudos to young scientist Devika Sirohi.
  5. Judicial Commission appointed to hold Enquiry on Jat reservation agitation
  6. DESERTED SHE said
  7. Sir / Ma'am .......are these Prefix bother me only or someone else as well
  8. Black Magic .How much is true or just some scary tactics !
  9. Chandigarh to delhi
  10. Exhodus
  11. Sushil Kumar jat dropped and Narsingh yadav selected for Rio
  12. Haryana Govt. On the spree to suspend officers
  13. Prejudiced by HSSC
  14. Mr. Trump may be good for usa, but can not be good for the rest of the world
  15. जाट, चौधर और राजनीति!!
  16. Alarming drop in the female ratio
  17. Preserving Jat Gene Pool
  18. unruly & irresponsible Judges
  19. My new ebook on Kindle
  20. Predictions of riots and Atomic War
  21. The highest civilian awards to Jats
  22. I wonder
  23. हरयाणा की "सांझी" है, बंगाल की "दुर्गा पूजा
  24. Singhania University is FAKE????????
  25. Student Unions
  26. Why Should Haryana consider Small Brother of Punjab?
  27. Tribute to Ch. Chhotu Ram
  28. Narrator: Anita Rani- BBC Documentry
  29. Need some help in contacting Shri Sanjay Lathar
  30. New Year Greetings
  31. Jat hi to hai dharamnirpekshta ka sahi svarup
  32. Predictions
  33. Haryana - is in Lime Light
  34. क्या जाट अपनी पहचान बचा पाएगे ?
  35. Let us get in touch with our Jatt Sabha of Pakistan to show solidarity.
  36. Suparbhaat Friends
  37. Greetings on the occasion of Holi
  38. Use of EVMs in polling : How much foolproof
  39. Why no tweets from Hooda, Sehwag, Phogat or Yogeshwar Dutt on Jat Reservation ??...
  40. Real Land for Jats in Australia - Arya Nagar
  41. Sexual Harassment @ Work Place
  42. Astrology
  43. जाटडा और काटडा !!? Real Truth
  44. Marine Drive: Radio Program by Col Virendra Tavathia
  45. Chaupal activation required
  46. Formal Hello to all
  47. Anyone in Alpharetta GA
  48. Query about Jat Dharamshala kurukshetra booking
  49. A shameful national record
  50. Haryana girl Manushi Chhillar crowned Femina Miss India 2017
  51. Jat characters in popular culture and programs
  52. Misconceptions
  53. The 90's Kids
  54. A question to all
  55. Hindustan Ka Nyay
  56. Birth Name ?
  57. Jab mann udas ho to kya karein?
  58. Haryanvi Association of Australia
  59. सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने फास्ट ट्रैक कोर्ट बनाने è
  60. पद्मावती विवाद
  61. Antivirus software -a must for Android OS based mobile.
  62. राष्ट्रीय आर्य निर्मात्री सभा - एक परिचय
  63. सनातन धर्म
  64. "व्यसन मुक्त - संस्कार युक्त" हरियाणा
  65. Main ajay tomar U.P. Ke baraut ka rehne vala hun aur iss samay ghaziabad main reh rha
  66. JIo emerges as the highest bidder for the rcom assets
  67. Jatts divided; Let us re-unite
  68. नव वर्ष 2018 शुभकामनाएं
  69. Happy New Year and Predictions
  70. Where can I get the IIT JAM Mathematics Question Papers?
  71. Kabah is the Temple of Adam called Shiv. Today, tribal people go there and come out a
  72. Largest collection of OSHO talks and music
  73. Perception of Our Community
  74. Web Hosting
  75. Nature is always in mood of celebration.
  76. IIT JAM Physics Books
  77. We need to recognise each other thoroughly.
  78. Khap panchayat
  79. Khap Vs NGO
  80. Los Angeles
  81. Craft is also a stress buster.
  82. Believe it or not!
  83. Punjabi - How could a Shankar Varniyia Congressman Capt. Arminder Singh is heading ..
  84. Kathua , Unnao, Surat - A national tragedy
  85. Do you feel as Hindu because there are Muslims and its BJP rule?
  86. Our Jatlanders Harvinder Malik & Phool Kumar Malik in TV interview
  87. United Jatt Party for the protection of Jatts of India and Pakistan.
  88. For those who search for answers to 'Anti - Jat Sentiment'
  89. Can anyone help in securing an Accounting Job in New Zealand.
  90. Do you know that Hindu Jatt, Sikh Jatt, Muslim Jatt, etc., they not QOM but Jatt only
  91. Haryana culture promotion
  92. Congratulations
  93. Kabhi Jati bachao to kabhi dharm !
  94. Rashtrawad ya ekadhikarwad?
  95. Democratic Feudalism
  96. Need help to interpret weirdest dream
  97. Respectful Tribute
  98. Punjabi - Why the super ******* Hindu Jatts, Sikh Jatts and Muslim Jatts killed .....
  99. Web Series Reviews
  100. How should I prepare for IIT-JAM geology?
  101. UP Pravasi Bharatiya Ratan to a Jat
  102. Meaning of Papose?
  103. Urgent help required related to OBC certificates
  104. Famous Jat youtubers
  105. Kashmir & 370
  106. When is World JAT Culture Day
  107. Time to get united as we were under ch. Chhotu ram ohlyan jatt or perish?
  108. Any Jatlander is staying in Bahrain
  109. Punjabi - Navjot Sidhu by declaring his Qom Sikh instead of Jatt became SUPER *******
  110. Our Ch. Navjot Sidhu Qom Jatt by replacing his Jatt Qom with Sikh Qom, he became SUPE
  111. How to crack UGC NET computer science?
  112. Jat kabila
  113. Its time to regain our lost respect.
  114. Lock Down || I am Loving It
  115. Came on Jatland almost after 7 years.. how's everybody here?
  116. Drop jaat and accept jat
  117. Which is the biggest Jat gotra in Haryana DAHIYA or MALIK
  118. आर्यसमाजीयों की ब्राह्मण भक्ति
  119. Up coming facebook interview with chaudhry rajinder nijjhar jatt on 11 july, 2020.
  120. Finance and marketing internship
  121. Finance and marketing internship
  122. Query
  123. Destruction of the Middle East by Jews of America
  124. Online filing of RTI Application
  125. Joining back Jatland site after 16 years
  126. Jattland Discord?
  127. Good and cultural Bolywood or Punjabi movies which we can watch with Family
  128. Request to Jats residing in Delhi
  129. Any jatlanders in pune?
  130. Kisan Movement - Without able leadership & Prioritisation of Farmers Problem
  131. Revival of JatLand Forums
  132. Antinational are sitting in Delhi Border
  133. UP Police Sub Inspector Recruitment 2021 के 9534 पदों हेतु ऑनलाइन आवेदन करें
  134. MSP - Some Realities
  135. Rang de Basanti-Abhinav Chaudhary
  136. Awareness about Ongoing Scheme - For Rural Youth