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October 5th, 2005, 07:27 PM
I just want to share all the problems I faced in my carreer recently, So please co-operate as I know you all will, Pls. feel free to share ur prob. with solution if u hv. So tht it will be a great help for new comers in this field ! We all face some kind of a problem in our daily routine, I just want u to share all those, so tht if at all a person face some prob. it should directly come to our site for solution and I know our members will gv definate solution to tht. Try to eloborate ur prob. so tht members shouldn't have any doubt abt tht and will find/gv accurate solution of that problem !
I would request members to please post ur comments If any thread in this forum helped you to resolve ur prob, Hosla afzai k liye Bhai logo !!!

So here I goes, I installed recently a internal fax/modem Motorola Chipset SM56 in a PC with P IV, 256 RAM, 40 GB HDD etc. the problem I am facing is of reception error once in every 4-5 hrs, rest everything is fine I am recieving all other faxes and also there is no prob. in sending the only thing is this reception error as the person has to send the fax again and it is sometimes not possible to ask a CEO of a company to send fax twice, Now I am telling u some usefull info.

I searched the net for this and found one solution to make this prob. appear only every 4-5 hrs otherwise I am not able to recieve any of the fax.
I set Extra Intialisation Command ATX3, & reduced the speed to 19200
It solves my problem but not fully, I am not satisfied with tht
there is no dail tone issue, the person is recieving fax tone.
rest everything fine ! Hoping to get the Solution soon !