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October 22nd, 2005, 03:51 AM
Hi all

One of our PC was in "Airtel" workgroup,agents used to log-in with "airtel" as user name.Recently we joined this PC into "13IVG" domain,we made a domain user with the name "airtel".Now we want to copy UPIB-102\airtel profile to 13IVG\airtel,the problem is its shows me unknown account & "copy to" icon is also not highlighted,plz find the attached file.

I'm able to log-in with "airtel" user in UPIB-102 PC & not facing any problem in local log-in.I created a new local user "test" & copied "airtel" profile.Now if i try to copy "test" user profile to 13IVG\airtel domain user,it again shows me unknown account.How can i resolve this problem:confused: