View Full Version : Error in Gotra List

October 25th, 2005, 09:22 AM
Dear Admin,
I want to draw your attention to a misinterpetation in the database of Gotras in the site. I want to clarify this as

My Gotra is "Gahlaut",
Khap is "Baliyan",
and Vansh is "Raghuvanshi"

But in the database all these three surnames are shown as different whereas these belong to same people. In our Khap, we can use either Gahlaut or Baliyan or Raghuvanshi as our surname.

Ch. Mahender Singh Tikait is Choudhary of our Khap. Tikait is a "PADVI" conferred to Head of Baliyan Khap by ruler of Thanesar, Raja Harshvardhan,
in 7th century. Till then it is being used by the Choudhary of Khap, alongwith his name, way down to generations.

Our Gotra is spread over [as far as I know] :
Delhi [few villages],
U.P. [mostly in Muzaffarnagar and Meerut distts.],
Haryana [mainly in Jhajjar distt.]
Rajasthan [Chittor].

I have written several mails to ADMIN regarding this but there is no response so far.

Please rectify this in your database. I would be thankful to you.