View Full Version : Networking Guru Urgent help Required !!

January 8th, 2006, 12:38 AM
I 'm working on a project for connecting Office between Mumbai To London to Houston to Fredicks .

For Connecting Mumbai to LONDON

I got 2 options one is MPLS( L3VPN ) and other is MPLS ( L2VPN )

But at the same time i want to control all my Routers at PE and CE edge ..

Problem persists is At London Office some software applications are running on 172.*.*.* domain has to be access to Mumbai office which is having 10.*.*.* domain .. For this i need to configured VPN routing for London office to Mumbai office and enable the trusting to get the access of such applications by Mumbai users.

Can anyone tell me which option should i opts for L2VPN or L3VPN to get secured connectivity .