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February 25th, 2006, 12:24 PM
Aala: A low level shelving unit
Aankh Dookhni: A viral/bacterial eye infection, no you canít fake this one easily!
Aarta: A kodak moment for the best looking female of the host family
Aldgoja: Flute, bansuri, aaj
Andy/Andi: It falls in to the same category as daaki but a modernized one.
Baankali : A serving made after the geets. Itís the boiled chana with salt and very tasty.
Baarothi: A cinderella moment for the bride
Bachiya: Cow's female offspring
Bachra: Cow's male offspring
Bagad: An open inner courtyard
Baggi: Bull cart
Balad: Ox
Baladh: Bull
Baldakisu: Swear by ox!!!
Baliyaan: Baniyaan
Baraf: Local form of ice-cream
Baroola: A earthen home made pitcher with wider mouth then panndha water pitcher
Bateu: A generic term used for male guest and sometimes a synonym for jamaai
Bathua: Weed , used for human consumption also in saag and raita
Beejna: Hand fan
Bharota: Bundle of jowar/bajra
Bhojra: Small bushes generally in the corner of the field
Bhoond: Bugs
Bijaar: An abandoned bull
Bilaangani: Wall to wall string to hang almost everything.
Biloni: Earthen pot used to churn butter and make seet
Bilutane: Kittens
Bitoda: A triangular storage for gosay
Bookal Marna: To wrap around to get cozy
Botru: Baby male camel
Buggi: Cart pulled by a jhotta
Buhaari: Broom
Bukhar: You have a high fever, perhaps malaria
Chamassa: Rainy season/monsoon
Chhaj: Used for cleaning of wheat
Chhath: Roof
Chhathi: Celebrated on the 6th day after the birth of a boy .
Chhipkali: Lizard
Chhuchhak: Like a baby shower in the west
Chilaam: Earthen made sigar head hold tomacco and heat
Chontry: A bench near your doorstep, birthplace of grapevine
Choonghna: To chew
Chooran: A homeopathic concoction for all ailments
Choorma: A jat delicacy made of ghee, sugar and bread
Chotkar: Chilka, peel
Chubaara: Obra on the first floor
Chukchunder: Bat
Chulha Nyot: Everyone in the family is invited
Chyanhni: Funeral place
Daadas: Your husband's father's mother
Daak: Jump
Daaki: A mast guy who does great things are very popular
Damhooi: Double headed snake
Dandh: Teeth
Dandri: Childs teeth
Dangar: Animal stock
Dheed: End product of eye infection or drainage
Dheera: Headlice, big one ,adult louse
Dhiday: Eye
Dholaan: Plump baby girl
Dhooma: Smoke
Dhoti: Wrap skirt of tau
Dilli Suba: A term commonly referred to jat villages around Delhi
Doga/Baint: Tau's alter ego, a wooden stick
Dola: Divider between fields
Doob: Weed / grass
Dtc: Mode of transportation for jat boys and girls from dilli
Dust: Opposite of kabaj
Eendhi: Small ring made of cloth to carry pot on the head
Gaal: Gali, alley
Gaawdi: Cow
Gabha: Old, worn out clothes
Gabsua: Safety pin
Gandasa: Machine to cut fodder
Gande: Sugarcane
Gantha: A jat veggie delicacy, main dish,onion
Geendo: Ball
Geetan Aali: Lugaai with her congregation
Ghaiti: Neck
Ghoodchadhi: A kodak moment for the groom
Gobar: Cow dung
Goda: Knee
Gojh: Pocket
Gonda: Pathway between fields
Goodad: Old, worn out clothes, turned into a mattress
Goomdi: Mosquito bite turned septic
Goothi : Ring
Gosa: Dungcake (bit thick)
Gosay: Jumbo size cow dung cake
Guhera: Another type of chhipkali
Gulafu : Cheeks
Gunguna: Concentrated reet!
Gusalkhana: Bathroom/restroom
Guthali: Hard sheel seed in fruit
Haara: A clay oven (uses gosay)
Haart(Heart) Ki Beemari: O boy, this one needs attention!
Hailey: Place to keep domestic animals and store harvest
Harat: Persian wheel (for watering the fields)
Harduaar: The ultimate health spa, and place for redumption of all sins
Haryana: Birthplace of jat
Haryana Roadways: Space shuttle that connects haryana with dilli suba, and paar
Hooka: A community sigar of tau
Jaadaa: Cold winters
Jat: A handsome, brave, honest, hard working, stubborn, easily provoked, male of robust physique, found in Haryana, Paar, Dilli suba, and Rajasthan
Jatni: A female form of the above - only more beautiful... Also known as lugaai
Jeeli, Kassi, Kuhadi, Kasola: Agricultural implements \ also used as weapons at times
Jeevda: Rope
Jersey: Full sleeves sweater
Jewda: The rope made of sann to tie jhotta aur baladh
Jhaalra, Kanthi, Hasli: Jewellery, precious treasures of women
Jhakoi: A good sambodhan in haryanwi for the guy who is not going according to one's will or similar
Jhod: The village pond, swimming pool, and communal laundromat
Jhoti: Buffalo
Jhotta: Male buffalo
Jimanwwar : Invitation of food party during marriages
Joom: Mid size head lice - pupa
Jukhaam: When reet starts flowing freely
Jumpher: Shirt
Jungle: Passage of stoolÖalso known as number 1Ö
Jurrab: Socks
Kaag: Crow
Kaatna: Make thread on charkha
Kabaj: When you canít do jungle!
Kaka: Uncle
Kaki: Aunt
Kalaash: Home made black eye color
Karelkant: Chameleon
Kassan: Utensil
Katiya: Buffalo's daughter
Katra: Buffalo's son
Khaancha: Kichadd, when it gets slippery and muddy after rain
Khaaj/Khasotni: Itching
Khaat: Cot or chaarpaai (Typically, woven jute)
Khaata Ghol: Process by which a favorite seasonal recipe (raabdi) is made
Khaatee/Peetay Ghar Ka/Ki: A polite description of a plump boy/man/woman
Khasra: Measles
Khatooli: A smaller version of khaat
Khausde: Old worn out shoes
Khandaka: Turban of tau
Khoota: You all know this, i hope
Khooti: An in-built, multipurpose wooden hanger, found throughout the jat dwelling
Kiwaad: Door
Kolhu: Device to take out juice from sugarcane and make gud.
Kootru: Dog
Kudta/Jamphar: Designer shirt of tai
Kui: Well a water reservior of house serves few people with nerrow mouth
Kunda/Kundi: Door lock
Kuwaad/Darwja: Door
Lakad : Wood
Lapsi: Dish
Lath: Jatís missile defence system...a wooden log - if you see one run for your lifeÖ
Latoor: Hairs
Latte: Clothes
Lattu Chasna: Switch on the light bulb
Lawara: The young of buffalo or jhotta generally upto 4-5 months only
Leetre (Khonsde): Worn out footwear
Lhasi/Seet: Home made skimmed milk
Lheekh: Nit -larva of head lice
Lihaaf: Quilt or rajaai
Londhon: As in england, description of an exotic place
Maata: Chicken pox
Mail Khora: Earthen made scrubber
Meeh: Rain
Mori: Same as patnaal
Motijhaara: A childhood communicable disease
Moulasara: Your husband' mother's, brother
Muh Dikhai: A belated fee for the 3d view of the bride
Munji: Kanjoos (miser)
Naahu: Nails
Naakasi: Kind of local prade of the groom around the village with songs
Naariya: Ox
Nakta-Nakti: A person having small nose
Nandau: Your husband' sister's husband
Nasti: Nose
Nayonda: Invitation
Neeju: Rope
Neol: Mongoose
Noon: Salt
Nyaar: Fodder
Nyam-Shyam: A free thing from the shopkeeper along with the bought material.
Obra: Smaller room adjacent to saal
Olay: Hails
Oot: Naughty
Paadkala: Staircase
Paar: Another name for up
Palpatton: Small grape size fruite
Palwa: A small bowl with a long handle used to take hot milk out of 'kadhawni'
Pandha: Earthen local made water pitcher
Pansli Mai Darad: Reet has entered your lungs and you need to see a doctor
Paras: Community resthouse of village
Peedha: A smaller version of the Khaat, to sit on
Phookni: Metal pipe used for blowing air in chulha
Phupsara: Your husband' father's sister's husband
Pilurae: Puppies
Puni: Jab reet naak mein latka kare us ne puni kaha kare.
Raach: Things.
Raasa/Raasi: Home made rope
Rai : Instrument with which lhasi is made
Reet: Snort
Rohtak: Lifeline of haryana "Texas"
Saag: Vegetable
Saakal: Door nob
Saal/Dalaan: Master bedroom facing bagad
Saangad: Pointed metal part of jeeli
Saanni: A delicious mixtures of fodder for pets like jhotta, baladh etc
Saanp: Snake
Sagaai: Ring back guarantee is no longer effective
Saud: Quilt
Shyaana: Clever (but not popular) person
Sir Mai Bhadak: Genuine headache
Sir Mai Darad: Commonly used excuse
Suthani: Underwear/shorts
Suthra-Suthari: Handsome - beautiful
Taand: A high level shelving unit in the saal
Taang : Leg
Taap: You donít have fever yet, but can use the excuse
Tai: An elderly woman traveling along the same route as tau
Taisara: Your husband's father's older brother
Takthi: Slate children used to carry to school
Tau: An elderly man, with lot of time on hand, often found traveling in haryana roadways, asking directions for Rohtak, Jind or Hissar
Teekda: Jumbo chana bread
Thaali: Large bowl used to cool and drink milk
Thaansre: Dry fuel (hay) used in chulha
Thepdi: Dungcake (bit thin)
Thheka: Huge container to store grains
Thoodi: Chin
Tookani: Shiny (made with brass) designer water pitcher
Tubal: Tubewell
Yadi: Friend