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April 17th, 2006, 02:11 PM
Hi all,
I got this from a mail sent by one of my friends. If it is posted earlier then please ignore it......

Yesterday I met Mr Mishra. He become a father recently. Guess!! What is the name he has given to his son..Babloo, Bunty, Sonu, Rakesh, Suresh….Nopes..these are old fashioned names ..He named his son “ LAPTOP MISHRA”.

I asked, Why “Laptop” and why not CD or DVD Mishra. He replied “ we can easily carry him in our lap these days, so my wife- a software programmer decided on “Laptop Mishra “ as name. Meanwhile I was busy chatting with Mishra ji, his wife arrived with “Laptop Mishra” in her lap. I instantly got up and moved towards her to see “Laptop” ..Oh ..Laptop smiled …I said. Soon Bhabhi ji said ..no no ..this is just a screensaver got activated inside him ….I wondered what sort of Hi-Tech family is this ??

I asked- Bhabhi ji, in this futuristic world you shoul have gone for names like CD or DVD. She replied “ Ya !! we can think on DVD as nick name. You see programming is getting hotter ..o I was thinking of JAVA or Dot Net Mishra as nick names. I replied: “Why not DOS Mishra” ?

Bhabhi ji: Kapil, be more updated dude. If I name him DOS Mishra, all my tech friends will make fun of my son ..by saying “ he is obsolete version”. You know what my boss named his son “ Internet Singh”..his logic is Internet will remain hot forever. So I am also going on the same logic that “Laptop” name will remain fresh for coming years, and all these names DOS, CD, DVD ..will fade off. So LAPTOP MISHRA is the right option.

Well this is the story of Mr and Mrs Mishra.

Those who are expecting, few options for their soon to be upcoming version (baby)..like.. Binary Code Sharma, JAVA Thakur, Floppy Kumar, BREW Gupta, Struts Oberoi, Blog Rai and those who are living in villages can opt for names like : Wordstar Pandey, DOS Chakravarthy, FOXPRO Chauhan, Space Bar Choudhary etc etc etc.

Guess!! What F1 driver will name his son in this hi-tech world “F1 Verma (F1 computerwala).

April 17th, 2006, 03:04 PM
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April 17th, 2006, 03:24 PM
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