View Full Version : Dail-up Networking Problem through Bluetooth

August 30th, 2006, 04:14 PM
Hi,I'm facing a problem in Dailup Networking through Bluetooth,
its a HP laptop nx6120 std. configuration with XP OS SP2. Although there is no issue in file transfer through Bluetooth but if I want to use internet through GPRS than I am facing this issue, it was working fine earlier! There is no issue with GPRS service provider (Airtel) as I am able to connect through another Laptop. I also found some problem with Telephony Service. While restarting that service it gives an error that service not respoding in timely fashion & could not be stopped ! Is there any option for restoring those services to default. I tried through system restore utility but could not find any restore point. Tried last known good configuration option also ???
Thank you for sparing time !!!
Response as soon as possible !
Ankur Dahiya
Ericsson IT Support