View Full Version : Elaboration of ‘My Area’ at Jatland.

October 26th, 2006, 04:32 PM
The section contains the profile- personal details like name, profession, address, mail, phone number, place, work, commencement of membership, picture, password details etc. etc. of the members. Though the portion carries basic details of the members, a lot of details, one aspired to know, remains unanswered in the area. May be the more details can be put there as optional but it is the only way to know the member more and more at a glance, i.e. just after clicking profile. It can serve manifold to the members and to the site itself.
Though the details which needs to be put up, or rather included in the My Area can be deliberated and put up after comprehensive discussions or a survey of feedback, to start with we can add the points such as:
1. Educational qualifications:

2. The Details of Profession (Which type of Industry or Sector you are into. It can be classified as Job/Business/Student/Other—which can be further elaborated into various sub heads). It will be a note of about 200-500 words about your profession at present and the earlier one, if there was one)

3. About Your origin: (which includes details about your place of birth, your ancestral lineages, heritage and the things you wish to relate to. The gotras could be mentioned here.)

4. Your dream: What do you think about your community, the society, the country and the universe as an entity. What you think ought to be done individually and collectively for the betterment of humankind at last. If any contribution done etc.).

5. How will you like to serve/guide your fellow members?

6. Any other details you like to put in:

I know it is just a vague idea and it will take lot of vision, hard work and efforts by the members and administrators to apply it, but I am pretty sure, if implemented with zeal, it can help us tremendously and we can communicate easily, effectively and decisively with our fellow members.