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November 27th, 2006, 11:19 PM
I visited this forum yesterday after some months and saw lots of posts related to haryanavimusic.com. I will touch upon three main issues that are raised frequently.

1. Not allowing people to download music from the site:

I do not have the copy-rights of any music posted on the site. Hence distributing any music from the site will violate those copy-rights. The site was started with an intent to promote and make haryanavi music accessible to those people who do not readily have access to it (mostly people living out side India or away from Haryana and nearby regions, most of other people can easily buy cassettes and CDs). Many producers have already raised objections for even posting their music on the site. In fact one of them even threatened to initiate a legal action.

The site is a non-profit site and does not have a commercial motive. Hence neither I am bothered nor concerned that Shiv Kumar Chaudhary was/is able to download files from the site and is re-distributing it.

Many other sites/people distribute music illegally but I have no intentions of doing the same.

2. Site not being updated frequently:

haryanavimusic.com is not my main domain of work and I built this site and manage it out of my personal time and resources. I try to post new music as and when I can spare time and get hold of cassettes from India and as of today site has a fair representation of our music. Intent is not to upload every new song/raagani/comedy play that is released in the market (tons of them).

Uploading videos require lost of storage space and bandwidth. Moreover, there are to many that are released every day. Hence I will not upload any more videos unless and until I come across a play/movie which is popular and fits in the vision of the site. Focus is more on the Saang/raagani.

3. Responding to the queries sent to the site admin:

I try to respond to every email that I receive as the site admin. However, I extend my apology to those who sent an email/query and did not receive a response.

Thank you,


November 28th, 2006, 10:07 PM
Rathi Sahib,

Pls accept my sincere thanks on your effort for making possible haryanavi music available to far flung corners of the globe.

I was not sure who started this site but I'm glad you posted this message.

And appeal to all the lovers of Haryanvai music not to jeopardise the site in anyway.

Warm regards,

Deepak Choudhry

January 1st, 2007, 04:15 AM
Ravi - Recently i visited on Haryanavimusic.com and i was just thinking during listening songs that some body has done great job for JAT's by launching this web site.
If you have space problem on this site for keeping more movies/play/songs/raagni/saangs/etc...i'll suggest you one thing you upload new movies & songs and delete the old ones (to make room for new upload) and keep the loaded one atleast for one month.

I wish very very "HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007" to the haryanavimusic.com team

Ravinder Singh

January 1st, 2007, 05:27 PM
Please don;t delete the old ones. I don;t think it;s a good idea. The old Raagni's are the best one and the new songs that coming these days are not so good even sime time I feel shocked the kind of words they use. Specially the new Singer Suriender Ramio is simply copying the panjabi music and which does not even seems like our music. Please keep the old ones if it;s not possible for you to add new raagni's. we can not even compare the raagni's by Raj Kishan Agvanpuriya with these new singer like Suriender Romio. Please listen the raagni's and you will know what I mean.
Naveen Malik