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April 18th, 2007, 03:05 PM
If we look in recent history of Jats, we find the most ignored field is CULTURE…..!!! And it can be seen on this JATLAND as well…there is no special section for discussing our Culture, even the haryanavi/jat music section is compiled in Mauj Masti section. That shows how serious we are about our own culture… I personally believe… culture makes us better human beings. Money gives power, Educations give awareness, but it is Culture which gives us the real essence of life……We Jats are succeeding in education and prosperity but lacking in the field of passing positive aspects of our culture to future generations… so most of youngsters have wrong concept about their own culture. We ourselves are responsible for this situation.
Here is my humble request and suggestion for starting a special section of Cultural Sphere, where we can share talks related to our Music… Arts… Folk Tales…Traditions….Festivals….. Literature etc.

April 18th, 2007, 03:55 PM
Malik, this is not only the crisis of several thousand people here on this site, rather of whole community or state.Suppose JLD starts section you mentioned here, How do you think that would help to preserve culture?

What about semi-litiriate people who cant access this site?
I suggested in a thread about making Jatland reaching to every person in state through Site's FM radio channel.

Anyway, the crux I found(correct me if I'mwrong) in loosing charm of festivals.We dnt have a single festival(Talking of modern times) where community or state people gets ineracted in some way.Unorganised ways are deep rooted in genes, but always there is hope.Punjab and other states have so much to celeberate and they successfuly preserve it and taken it to world level.it looks like the people…would not afford time for such celebrations - because festivals also demand the presence of people. Today nobody is available even to irrigate their crop fields, then who will afford time to celebrate these festivals… I think it would not be justified to say that the customs should be abolished but they…may disappear as a result of modernisation.

What you Say?

April 18th, 2007, 11:04 PM
Why it's so that only Haryana is loosing its culture, be it festivals, folk music, dance, dresses, handicraft or traditions? Look at other states, all ve some specific customs which represents their culture at the National and International front. And they feel proud of it. And we Haryanvis/Jats look down upon their language(Dialect) and music(of course not all ,,,but majority) , while enjoy listening n dancing on the beats of our neighboring state’s punjabi music. Punjabis have maintained the dignity of their culture be it their festivals, food or the music. And why only Punjabi, look at any state, everyone has their own specific culture. At Lohri time also, I ve raised this issue... that punjabis celebrate their festivals be it Lohri or Baisakhi.. with high fervour... where as we jats are totally forgetting about our festivals. TEEJ..... ask todays school going generaton.... they wont be knowing about whts TEEJ.
The Big question is WHY ??? As Samar has mentioned some reasons--- people dont have time or due to modernization....... ARE WE THE ONLY BUSY, PROGRESSING N MODERN SOCIETY samar.....??? Aren't Punjabis, Gujratis, Keralites, Bengalis progressing.. they are equally or more successful n so are their cultures. Punjabi music, food, handicraft, is worldwide famous today. And ours has lost its recognition in the state also. There used to be a Haryana Handlooms Department which was closed years ago. Phulkaari is blooming... but how many remember Soplee (Dushaala type)???

Itsn't that we hadnt any Culture... We had a rich culture, which is diminishing now,, rather almost forgotton.Our festivals like teez, sankraat, faagun, saanjhi were equally colorful n meaningful, our dances(Ghoomer n Dhamaal) were no less than bhangra, gidhaa or dandiya. Our music was equally rich n soulful. But we lost it in the fast run of life. We couldn't realize progress n cultural legacy can go ahead side by side. Jago in punjabi marriages still very much there, but where our Tel Chadhana/Utarana has gone,, its just a formality now,,, and Khodiyaa....Now dont say whts this...???

Now if one person has brought the issue ,we should not discard it finding faults... whereever n for whatsoreason it happened, it happened... now also if we dont realize n do efforts to revive our almost dying culture, it ll loose its glory forever.
Your suggestion of FM radio is very creative n practical samar... but till that happens, a seperate section here on jatland on cultural activities ll b an effort worthwhile. So I second harvinder's suggestion, itsn't a useless idea, it ll be a nice effort n contributory indeed. Humor only is nt enough for any society, if we can have a seperate section on humor only, why not on the culture.....!!!

April 20th, 2007, 09:33 PM
Resp Harvinder, Samar and neels ji

I am a bit confused. Are we talking about Haryanvi Culture or Jat Culture? Panjabi is a language and nationality , similarly bengali is a nationality and there is a bengali Language. Same is true about kerala .Malyalam is a language and keralites are a nationality. We in Haryana donot have a language rather we have adialect which changes every 10 kilometers. Moreover Haryana is not merely Rohtak ,Sonepat, and part of Jind. Haryana has Ambala, yamunanagar, Kaithal, Kurukshetra, Sirsa and Mewat area. Taken together a very rich and composite culture seems to have a potentialof development.The language used in Sanjhi Film by Ashwani was an attempt to develop a (Khari Boli) Hindi or Hindustani to be communicable to all under referance.Question is also that whether in present day cotext, a sub-nationality like ours have a potential to develop in to a nationality with its own languageor not? If it has to happen it will happen beyond the boundaries of one cast. I donot know how to articulate more specifically. If some one can articulate in a better way he is most welcome.


April 24th, 2007, 01:09 PM
Good Thought,

I am very much agree with Mr Harvinder and Dr. Neelam about the formation of seprate section for our Culture. We will discuss each and every festival and ceremoney related to Jats and informe all jatlanders about the way they are celiberated.

We are talking about the way's and means to put forward our culture and language in our day today life or atleast on sum special occasions.

Whenever we organise any meet in any area, we must add atleat one traditional programme and traditional food also.

With Regards

May 31st, 2007, 08:24 AM
I do agree with this idea. The Idea of have a separate Jat Culture section is worth consideration. We can give reports about these activities in Jat areas under that section.