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November 3rd, 2007, 02:34 AM
Child's Gender Identity: Role Of School
Schooling is one of the most important socialization processes that a child goes through outside her family. It shapes the child's understanding of self in relation to others. The schools and the teachers play a very important role in a child's formative years The child starts to understand her/his identity beyond the family, role that each one in the society assumes, through friends, teachers in school and most importantly books that they read in class room. Looking at the whole system of functioning of schools, it seems like schools are the factory of creating patriarch. When are talking of equality among genders, creating policy and law to uphold quality, how can we talk about all these without looking at our present: the children and their social process of learning. Can we really bring equality among genders through laws and policy without looking at changes in the basis of learning?


November 15th, 2007, 09:53 AM
Child's Gender Identity: Role Of School
Can we really bring equality among genders through laws and policy without looking at changes in the basis of learning?


No, we cannot acheive equality among genders through laws and policies without looking at changes in the basis of learning. Jo bade dimag ho liye unko samjhana bahut mushkil hai .... lekin we can teach students from the very starting equality among genders and they will carry forward this to next generations.

Some time back Navin Gulia bhai have raised this kind of fault in the govt course material of 8th standard.


Uncle ji, Can NavJagran manch or JJ target such issues too, to raise these kind of points or to suggest some changes in the teaching patterns or syllabus.

Par thing is
who will listen to these thoughts?
Where one should approach? Like though Navin bhai have encountered that issue .... he has tackled by his own way but this has not solved the issue .... might be that sentence is read by many others. Koe jatigat galat likha gaya ho to log bade paimane par virodh karte hein aur sarkar usko badal deti hai lekin is terah ke gair rajniti maslon ko sunane wala bhi to koe chahiye. Aur agar hai to kaise kiya jana chahiye?

November 15th, 2007, 05:55 PM
Dear Jitender

Well Said

Can W Think Of A Signature Campaign On The Issue On The Site And Then The Same Can Be Handed Over To The Education Minister And Chief Minister By The Jatlanders Like Navin Guliya, Yourself, Dev Dahiya Ji And Neelam Rathee Ji Just To Name May Be Others Who Volunteer To Be The Part Of Delegation


November 15th, 2007, 06:04 PM


Some of the example of the gender based power relations that one finds common among schools are the decision regarding school's policy related to appointing new teachers, increase in the number of student , which board to follow , which children would be admitted and who would not, what are the percentage of middle and lower middle class children to get admission , ratio of girls and boys in school ,salary of the male and female teachers, school leave related policy, what subject to be taught by whom ( male or female ) all these kind of decisions would be made by the male members of managing committee because it's the man who occupy the highest position in the managing committee. Then they are passed on to the principal so that principal could pass them on to teacher's committee. The school managing committee mostly doesn't believes in taking new and young women teachers as they fear that they would soon ask for maternity leave and there is no provision for long time maternity leave for any female teachers nor there is any concept of paternity leave.

November 18th, 2007, 08:14 AM
Dahiya Sir,
education and the way teachers can teach can make all the difference we want to make in the society.
son being born is example of a blessing. 'may God bless you with a son'
then if you see examples you will see that all examples involving boys, they are being told either to go and play or to have food.
where as in all examples involvin girls they are being asked to do some house hold work

also in manny text lessons having short stories, the stories are from england, the name of the characters are rare, awkward, difficult to pronounce and often resemble some hindi bad word. there is an awkwardness during the class. why cant they have stories the children can relate to ie indian stories.

1. most of the staff in village schools doesnt teach a word.
2. resources, computers and equipment allotted by govt are kept under lock and key in some one's house.
3. funds are allotted for organising functions and events for children. Not one event is organised on ground (all money in pocket of staff)
4. the teachers in villages use roudiest and most foul language with children

correcting these problems is not difficult but they dont come anywhere in the priority list of administration or people.

Navin Gulia