View Full Version : Bush tries to derail progress on climate---

November 7th, 2007, 02:52 AM
Bush tries to derail progress on climate. . The Washington Climate Conference that Bush engineered for the 27th-28th September (see more, eg, here) was a transparent attempt to divert the world down a blind ally of 'voluntary measures' and 'intensity targets' and thereby pre-empt and derail real progress on absolute and binding targets (the only thing that can really work) at the officail UN Talks in Bali in December. This comes after he forced the final communique at the G8 in Heilegendam in June to abandon any firm emission reduction commitments. Bush has been forced to change his language on climate but continues to be the major obstacle to progress. He may be on his way out but he is still doing damage and the cost of the delay he is imposing could ultimately be measured in millions of lives. Join us on the 8th December for a massive demonstration at the US embassy to show that we will not just stand by and allow the US under the Bush administration to wreck our chances of avoiding climate catastrophe.