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December 23rd, 2007, 10:33 PM
Siwah (Panipat):- Siwah Village of Haryana's Panipat District is today known for its notorious record for having a brigade of jailbirds, as almost every third or fourth family has its youngsters involved in criminal activities.
The village, which is resided by around one thousand families, has nearly 250 youngsters booked for charges that include snatching, robbery and even murder.
Almost every second or third family has a member or two booked for some criminal activity in police records.
Committing crime is no big deal for the youngsters here, who visit the nearby Patna city to loot or kill people during evening for easy money.
Village elders in the Panchayat (village council), however, blame the government of all their ills. They complain that had their youngsters been provided job opportunities, then the entire picture could have been different than what it is today.
"The criminal activities are prevalent in our village because of unemployment. They indulge in such activities for being idle. They disturb people, and at times, rob them off their belonging and also keep fighting with each other," said Pratap Singh, a member of the Siwah Village Panchayat.
Other members of the Panchayat say that the youths also take to such criminal activities to have a reach in the 'mighty' groups that are operational here.
Jalovan Singh, a villager, said: "This place has become a venue known for criminals. From incidents of snatching to murders, the crimes now do not surprise anyone here. Most of the youngsters are unemployed and motivated from Bollywood movies. These guys are always on the look out for money."
The neighbourhood villages also know about the crime record of Siwah Village and hence many of them consider it inauspicious to enter this village.
Local administration, on the other side, though well-aware of the rampant problem, is not keen to do something to curb this menace.
The Deputy Superintendent of Police of the area refused to comment when asked about the presence of such a big proportion of criminals in the village.
Villagers complain that be it local counsellor or any person in authority, they appear least bothered. None of them have ever inspected the village and paid heed to villagers' woes.
Incidentally, the Samjhauta Express train blast in March had taken place near Siwah Village. Many residents were reported to have lent a helping hand to the victims.

December 23rd, 2007, 10:52 PM
This problem is bound to take larger proportions as it is not limited to that village only rather it is wide spread and yes Govt has to take its share of blame but the larger problem lies with the people themselves.Specially our jat boys are out of control as they have no maturity and try to find solution to every problem by force.Also Jats hate doing menial jobs as it is against their IZZAT and hence only place which i can think of for them is either jail or up above the world so high.Unfortunate but for our follies punishment has to be taken by us. Male dominated society where women have no respect will have to meet its fate this way.Take it else carry it as a burden of deeds.

Kindly don't torture me by your guided arrows.

December 23rd, 2007, 10:52 PM
आपकी मेहनत के लिए धन्यवाद । पर भाई अभिजीत, इतनी पुरानी खबरें और रिपोर्ट, उनकी तारीख मिटा कर, क्यूं यहां चिपका रहे हो?



January 7th, 2008, 01:39 PM
dear whosoever is enhancing ur knowledge is totally wrong.
it is all total bakwas wat u hav presented in ur current affairs article.
dear dont go by rumours.....go n see on ur own.
i count ur article as defamatory to all of siwah natives as i am also from siwah.
Vivek Kadyan.

January 9th, 2008, 12:49 PM
dear whosoever is enhancing ur knowledge is totally wrong.
it is all total bakwas wat u hav presented in ur current affairs article.
dear dont go by rumours.....go n see on ur own.
i count ur article as defamatory to all of siwah natives as i am also from siwah.
Vivek Kadyan.
hi vivek i m sorry bro. if i hurt u but u know it very well k baat yuhi nai nahi kahi jaati us k piche kuch to hota hai it is not a prob of one village of har. it is a prob.of all har. n my mom belongs to israna near ur village siwah thats y maine ye khud dekha or suna hai k siwah k ladko ka kya haal hai main apni mom k saath israna jata rahaita hu n crime is the other name of har in last few year n every body knows y is it so that crime is other name of har.

January 12th, 2008, 10:32 AM
This is not the problem of any single village...

This is almost common to all Jat Villages of having some criminal cases against Jat Youth...

I think the need is to Utilize Great Jat Energy into some useful cause...which can turn out to be Amazingly Positive.

January 14th, 2008, 09:02 AM
I know the people there as I have lot of friends from that village. Here we can't completely blame the administration or people out there. There are also couple of families who had grown bigger financially and socially but the larger chunk is just opposite.

I know most of the youngsters have habbit of changing vehicle every third week by any sort of mean. Easy money is always invited as they had seen easy money flowing in past (when there land is aquired by govt.) Only couple of families have utilized that money in right direction and even multiplied the farm lands. Otherwise all other have used to buy cars and giving parties to there great friends, spending money on premium whiskey's. Now they don't have the same money left with them but ..............moreover political people is also using them to gain money by throughing some rupees on parties. I won't hesitate to name the property dispute of Ex speaker on a property worth crores in posh panipat area. In that single dispute more than 30 youngsters were jailes and most of them from siwah village.

Even if somebody wants to do some work honestly these bad elements won't let him do using all means.

This may or may not be story of other villages of haryana but I would say if siwah people would have utilized there skills and assets properly it would been one of the richest village in Haryana today.

January 14th, 2008, 11:48 AM
Namaste to all,
Dear all, its the truth there in your words. but we should not be specific regarding village or town. its prevailing everywhere now a days. We should focus on the solution part of all this. forst of all we must know the cause behind the problem then we can proceed toward the solution.

1. The problem is the lack of knowledge of the fuctioning of society. these poor don't providede with such an educatioin of social togetherness.
2. proper education should be given by you and me together to fight with this problem.

its our problem we have to find its solution. none other can't help us. we must discuss these problems on a forum and proceed ahead with actions.

Boys are not culprit, instead we are culprit who are not giving them proper education and enviroment to progress ahead.
so lets start now!!! we are in such a process of improving society. to see our system you can contact Ashok pal: 9416482391.....

definitely you will find the solution of all social, individual and nation problems in the seminar organised by us.
So join hands now.....don't discuss lets starts acting.....