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February 18th, 2008, 01:33 PM
Yesterday i was free and thought that what are the reasons behind the general people's thinking about the backwardness of Haryanvi (i.e.) "Jats" and "Haryanvi Sanskriti".

In every office the general thingking about the Jat is "Aadu", "Bud Dimaag", "Ulti Khopadi", "Jhagdalu" .... but The real thing is that Jats are the simplest people. Still general public's mind remain the same about Jats.

Now in terms of Sanskriti .. People's perception is that Haryana is a culturally Backward State. they don't know how much Rich culture Haryana has.... Its Orchastra, Dances, Songs are distinct.

After a deep thinking i reached at a conclusion that, people knows the Haryana which they have heard about from the others. Even the people of Haryana are not agree on its cultural richness. Its only the people who postulated the culture of Jats and Haryanvi Sanskriti in a bad way. So here is an thread for open discussion on the Carriers of Haryanvi Sanskriti and Jats.

Still the Haryanvi Singers Steal the tunes of Hindi Songs and make Ragni on those lines .... No where is Haryanvi Orchestra ...... No where good songs.

So How can we take it forward and even make people confident that "Boss this is Haryanvi Culture and its great"

A few of the people may be agree and disagree with me so lets discuss here in a fruitful manner...

February 18th, 2008, 01:49 PM
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February 18th, 2008, 07:55 PM
May I add...

It is not believed that some Jats belong to Delhi. Mostly, Baniyas and Punjabis (I hate doing this classification)would discard them as one migrated from Haryana. They wouln't believe Jats once owned major part of Delhi and still today have villages inside and all around the capital. Ask anyone in Mumbai and they will tell "oh! Delhi is a second Punjab". Sometimes their ignorance amuses me and sometimes it hurts somewhere deep inside.

All the points mentioned by Sanjeet bhai are also relevant to the Delhi Jats...especially when talked about in Delhi.