View Full Version : SEZ farmers buy back land to start companies

April 7th, 2008, 07:47 PM
Came across this interesting story in Sunday Express


April 8th, 2008, 03:17 PM
bharti ji its good news
but it is not possible in case of haryana SEZ
coz thr we dont have such policies
and buying back at industrial rates is not possible for farmers

April 9th, 2008, 11:13 PM
Only wish that that was generally the case.

In almost 99% of the cases, the money obtained after selling land is not wisely invested by the gullible farmers. Very soon after the sale, there are long cars parked outside their homes, money spent on show-off in terms of outings/cocktail parties etc etc...

The sad part of the story in the end is that these very people later on go on to work as security guards and cab drivers for companies and apartments which have sprung up on their land. They later lament - "once upon a time, this used to be our land".

Whatever miniscule percentage of people who initially purchased land in the hinterland of other states were the luckier ones out of the lot. They had with them the advantage of the first movers. Today, the land, even in these far flung places is pretty expensive.

The Governments of Haryana irrespective of the political party in power have forgotton why Haryana came into existence after separation from Punjab - because of its separate cultural identity and the aspirations of the people of that particular region. Really unfortunate, the struggle of countless people during the creation of Haryana has gone down the drain. Short gains through sale of ancestral land is the MANTRA of today. Live life to the hilt/maximum till the gold shines. The day the gold turns into dust - falling down to a level which is much below the level than what was manageable as a farmer.

The Builders and Industrials have hoarded thousands of acres of land also known as land banks, thereby acquiring the control lever over the lives of the locals/common man. With large scale migration of outsiders we are a minority again. At least in the undivided Punjab we owned and controlled our own destinies in the form of our land.

Kudos/cheers to the CM of Goa who despite the displeasure of the Central government went ahead to scrap the SEZs because he felt it adversely affected the interests of the people of his state. Do we actually need SEZs in Haryana?? We already have industrial townships and Industrial sectors in all major towns. These SEZs are nothing but mechanisms used by the industrialists to save on taxes and convert their black money into white. In fact almost all of the money circulating today in the property market/real estate is black money (the power of parallel economy!!!!!).

As is evident from most of the replies to similar threads on JL - the development as per majority of the members is possible only through selling land. It is not possible through better education, better scientific and research facilities, better infrastructure, encouragement to local entrepreneurs. It is possible through selling the land to outsiders who set up establishments/companies that don't hire local people.

Why not have development for the local people and by the local people. Why do we need to set up power plants in Haryana to supply power to Delhi. Why do we need to supply part of our own share of water to Delhi without asking for additional water from Punjab? Why does the Delhi/Central government not ask Punjab to release additional water. Why does the Delhi/Central government armtwist Haryana into releasing additional water in Summers when a big chunk of it either goes waste due to leaking pipes or is used to green up the parks - when on the other hands the fields in Haryana are parched dry. Haryana in effect is being used as the backyard of Delhi - where they can dump any kind of waste - additional population, polution (garbage dump-landfills), etc.

Nobody else including the State/central government is going to fight for the cause of the local population except for they themselves. We have seen all the state political parties and leaders - all of them are the same except for the difference in the names of their parties.

In the interest of the community and the state, during the Parliamentary/legislature polls, we need to vote for those candidates irrespective of their political affiliations who would actually work on these critical issues and save the land, people, heritage etc.

Time is fast running out...