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May 8th, 2008, 08:57 PM
Dear Jatland Members,

I hail from Jind district of haryana and almost visited all part of Haryana and some part of western UP. Everywhere I found one common thing among all jats and that is ‘rigidity’. I also visited many other places in India and nowhere had I found any cast as rigid as we (except Gujjar, Mina and Rajputs of Rajasthan which I found very close to us).

Whether we accept it or not we are very rigid in accepting anything that is against our old fashioned customs, traditions, prejudices etc. (I don’t mean here that all our customs, traditions and traits are bad.). Everything that is outdated and is not adaptive with the modern day world system should be changed or improved.

Sometime back the whole country saw live on TV channels ‘a self proclaimed judiciary of Jat Panchayat of Haryana” deciding on the fate of legally married couple with children. The so called highly esteemed and honorable Panchayat never think once before concluding that till then socially and legally husband-wife would be brother and sister afterward. Can anybody justify that?????????

Majority of people claims that jat do not behave properly and I do not agree with them completely. But what I found in case of Delhi, all the fourth class employee working in Delhi specially bus conductors and police men are considered as Jat as they speak Haryanvi and how they behave all Delhites must be knowing that.

In Haryana and Western UP majority of Jats have reasonably good income I would say all are wealthy. Economically Jats are well off but socially lagging far behind in terms of overall education specially girl education, customs, traditions etc.. (although trend has changed rapidly in and around NCR and slowly in other parts but pace is very slow).

We are fantastic human being, kind to everyone, trustworthy, honest, brave and hardworking. We are proud of being such a wonderful gift of nature but we just need to keep changing our-self as per the pace of world without losing our roots which are good for us and society.

(Note: I want to make it clear to all that I am not against our customs, traditions, rituals etc.. I am very much in favor maintaining our cultural traits but I am only concerned about the negative aspects of it. Therefore my concern should be taken in right perspective.)


Satish Khatkar

May 8th, 2008, 09:25 PM
Time wounds all heels

May 8th, 2008, 11:17 PM
Mr. Satish Khatkar, whatever you have written here about JATS is 100% true. I agree with you in this regard but I would like to say few things.
1. All jats of Haryana and Western U.P. are not economically sound.

They are not well educated. I do not consider a person educated if he/she is school pass or even obtains a bachelor’s degree. I must say, we are not culturally educated and socially advanced.
Jats are infected with a virus which is called superiority complex.
If you observe on this Jatland, members will pass on useless comments on each other and then they will laugh and later on you will find others people who will join them in hooting along their side. By doing so they consider a matter of pride.
I know all these because I belong to a place which these jatlander consider a pride of JatLand i.e. Rohtak/Sonipat.

There are many more things I like to mention here but I can not do so because that blind brigade of JatLand will start………………………………….

May 9th, 2008, 10:20 AM
Very much true and agree with Satish and Gulia sahab, its true that jats are rigid in their customs and traditions as the powers are in wrong hand and the people who are well doing in profession and education don't want to involve in that. It starts right from the home environment and pass on to schools and by the college time it strengthens and after that it become a habbit and hobby. From the home environment child start learning and 80% he learn from home and in primary school he is much interested in the comments of teachers when teachers say " Panipat aali ke", " Bohar Aali ke" and not address them from their name. In college if some Jat student is studious, gentle; other students who have a lobby of making fun of people make sarcastic remarks to him. And here come the pride of Individual Jat, that he is great and works like a political leader.

Jats are true to their heart and hard working and straight forward person but these are the some behavioural imbaded or induced tactics which let them down if not directly then indirectly. We have faced this in educational institutions and professional life, when people got to know that we are Jat, there is a clear cut demarcation, and even the close friends in earlier days were not comfortable and always fearful. It had taken a long time that their prefebricated mentality changed.

Our Panchayat culture was good when people in these panchayats were culturally, behaviourally and mentally sound, now these panchayats are only a showdown of powers and the rest you can see from their recent judgements when they had let down whole community not in India but in world.

Time is changing and so the jat community is, but the pace is not fast. Its a need to improve the home environment and then school. People blame the Govt. schools for not giving good education and in some sense it is true also but the virus of home culture they had already induced in they child they always forget.
Lt Col Jagmohan Singh Malik (Retd) (http://www.jatland.com/forums/member.php?u=720) has written in a thread "Where the jats heading for?" i want to quote here which describe the real problems what are in jats.

Address Basic Issues First...
Dear All,

This subject has been intensely discussed in past too. There are many serious issues that pull us down. The main reasons of our community not ralising it's potential are as under (Please pardon me should they be too harsh to accept).

1. Typical JAT attitude of not accepting anyone better than themselves.
2. An air of INVINCIBILITY that is inherited, generation after generation. Apne te bada kise ne sochte e na.
3. RELUCTANCE to take up business and restricting to only 'Fauj', 'Police', 'Haryana Roadways', 'DTC', 'Bijli Daftar' etc.
4. A sense of SHAME in starting small ventures, shops etc. Why? Log ke kahenge, ke phalane ka potaa susra dukan kar rhya se.
5. Unwilling to accept or should I say tolerate the success even within own community. Hogs susra DC apne ghar mein!!
6. Failure to IMBIBE positives from other's experiences, even in farming.
7. Not accepting anyone as a LEADER. Saare leader hain.
8. ABANDONMENT of villages by all those who shifted to towns. Of course they only return to take their share or use it in conversations to score points.
9. A basic hatred towards JATS by Brahmins, Banias & SCs. They will always put us down.
10. INABILITY to become a single votebank. Har ek gaam mein kam se kam teen, char gut sein.
11. Not educating and trusting daughters. Ke kare gi padh ke, agle saal byah dein ge.

There may be exceptions but above is the reality.


JS Malik
These are some typical problems with the jats and so letting their comunity down as the small achievements are washed out by the big blunders by the so said community leaders

May 9th, 2008, 03:15 PM
I fully Appreciate the sayings said by my fellow frens in above lines.But Wht I feel is that time start changing and it will take time .
Every culture takes time to florish and grow.So I feel time will come that people should see JATS with great respect in every aspects of life(socially & economically).

Be proud to be JAT........

May 9th, 2008, 06:12 PM
I don't think that customs/traditions pull anyone back from being socially and economically sound. The race which loses its stickness from its tradions/customs is not recognised merely after a few decades. From the ancient times, jats are not RIGID in religions, superstitutions and have been highly influenced in any social/religious reforms but can n't give up their basic characteristics at any cost. As far as other communities are concerned, it does not make any sense to make a comparison with brahmins/baniyas and we are not even a bit behind from our counterparts rajputs/gujjars/yadavs.


May 9th, 2008, 08:45 PM
Satish bhai, all that you have said in your post is exactly how I feel too. Very true.

Dear Jatland Members,
Satish Khatkar

May 10th, 2008, 05:21 PM
Dear Jatlanders,

Thanks for responding in a constructive manner. At least there are few Jats who have courage to accept the reality. At the time of writing this thread I was little apprehensive about the positive response from Jatlanders and did not write some more harsh reality but now I am happy to see majority of your positive responses. Actually we can not avoid the reality for long. We need to change our attitude towards everything to become a part of mainstream where everything is changing so fast. We can not think of imposing our ideas to everybody perceiving that whatever we think is right for society rather society decides what is acceptable to majority. So we need to understand what majority is thinking about everything and change our strategy accordingly.
Above all we need to learn how to enhance and utilize our resources (human and financial) in strategic way to achieve a better place in society socially and financially.

With Warm Regards,

Satish Kumar