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June 20th, 2008, 11:09 AM
Dear members,

I want to draw your attention towards this grim problem. While India, in the process of globlisation, is on its way to become a developed country, the problem of child labour continues to pose a challenge before the nation.Thousands of children are engaged in hazardous working situations and don't get time to relish their childhood. All they get is hatred ,violence and exploitation.Child trafficking is a new threat to society. This is not just India's situation, but a worldwide trauma. An estimated 158 million children aged 5-14 are engaged in child labour - one in six children in the world.
Government has taken various measures, but they have failed to bring about a considerable change. However, considering the magnitude and extent of the problem and that it is essentialy a socio-economic problem inextricably linked to poverty and illiteracy, it requires concerted efforts from all sections of society to make a dent in the problem. In my opinion literacy, awareness of their rights and socialising with them can bring about a change. On our part we can teach and spend time with such children living near by us.After all they are the future of our country,and how can we see our future getting exploited?

June 20th, 2008, 11:49 AM
chalo boat clug...stage a dharna agnst child labour :D:D:D

June 20th, 2008, 02:13 PM
Child labour is an abuse as it slowly kill the children forcibly engaged in domestic and economic activities. This kind of activities bared these small little angles from becoming good citizens of any country.

Here the industries are thriving on child labour because they can be forced to do work for more time, can be retained for longer period, work on cheap perks.

Glass industry, foot ball and sports industry and Jardoji industries are the main industries where child labour is on the higher side. These child labors used to get abused in every possible way.

A child who has faced this situation, how can we thing that he will join the main stream of progress in India.

Same way they are abused in domestic work also. They are cheap labour and have to fill their belly to survive and only because of this they do work. These people who engaged child as domestic help should at-least imagine their own children in that particular situation.

Now a days the brand who import these sports and Zari work textiles are canceling agreements as in India these sector involve Child Labour.