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June 21st, 2008, 01:12 PM
Dear Friends,
If you come accross any extremely needy kid who doesnt have a family or who is severely physically challenged or abandoned. Please let us know at ADAA. We would love to give that child a home.
Navin Gulia

June 28th, 2008, 03:13 PM
Dear Navin, I sent a post on your Strret Children Issue, it seems to be lost somehwhere.

Anyways, this is an issue close to my heart. Last year we planned on opening a home for destitute children, but the rules were so difficult, police non supportive, natural parents have the right to their children even thought they maybe killing their souls, etc.This project never took off. Any suggestions on how I can go about this. I have watched a few documentries on street children, it can tear anyones heart. What I fear most for them is sexual abuse. I do not agree with the rule of 14 yrs as working age, cos there are some who are sole bread earners for large families, much younger. Making rules only makes seeking employment tougher for them. And some childen are so deeply scared and wounded it takes a lot of loving care to make them behave normally.I really REALLY wish I can do something about this.

June 28th, 2008, 10:55 PM
Babita Ji,
you are right. the rules only trouble genuine people, rest can always pay their way around rules.
till i was working for myself everyone was praise and ever since am working for others, its all brick brats, distrust and what all(its very humiliating for any self respecting person). i would have given up first day but then i am working for these kids, i have a dream for them and whatever happens i am continuing.
lets carry the message, let us spread the message. with adaa, we are also trying to spread the message what every one should do to help the cause (and that does not involve monetary contribution)
the kind of life they live is beyond description. you can join adaa efforts anytime.
Navin Gulia