View Full Version : Social service for Jatlanders in Bay area

July 23rd, 2008, 06:33 AM
It is learnt that the ceremonies on occasions like Child birth and Griha Pravesh cost quite a bit in the Bay area mainly because the Pandits like to exploit the situation. To help the Jatlanders here, I am pleased to volunteer to perform such ceremonies (Havan as per Arya Samaj thinking, which happens to be a simple affair) purely as a social service at "NO COST" and without any obligations.

Those needing above mentioned help may like to contact me thru : tpannu@gmail.com. As a routine, I am here (San Jose/ San Mateo) during summer months (April to October) every year.

A word in support of my credentials - I am a product of D A V College Jullundur (now Jalandhar) and prior to that I had the fortune of getting the able guidance of a staunch Arya Samajist (Late) Shri Balwant Singh Hooda (of Dhamar village, Distt Rohtak) during my middle school days.

(Presently in San Jose)