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August 6th, 2008, 01:23 AM
My dear Bros & Sis',

I appeal to all my Jat Bros & Sis', to look upon the entire women's wrestling team of India, as your sisters.

Then, How would you feel if your sister's arms & legs are twisted around her back, her head in a head lock and her nose is rubbed on the Mat by a foreign woman :thappad? Won't you feel angry? Sad? Humiliated? Won't you feel like carrying her and cuddling her? Shouldn't you as a Brother (or as her Sister) promise your self that you will never let her get defeated again ?

I write in sadness that all our women wrestlers failed to qualify for the olympics, inspite of their best & fiesty efforts.

The best Indian woman wrestler, Sonika Daughter of Guru Chndgiram Kaliraman was not allowed by the :mad: Punjabhi dominated Wrestling Federation to take part in the Qualification rounds. Neha Rathi daughter of Famous Wrestler & Former DIG of Haryana police, Shree Jagroopsinghji lost the decider bout in the Clinch. Geetika Jakhar inspite of Typhoid fought well but could not make it. Alka tomar too gave a great fight against the world no.2 Tanya Vebreek but lost by just one point ! The biggest surprise was Jyothy (pls someone tell me if she is a Jat) who fought well in 72Kg category and won two bouts brilliantly & before failing to the French girl. If Sonika had been sent instead of Jyothy, then India would have qualified in the 72kg category in olympics and even won a medal !

I beg all my Jat bros & Sis, to help Jyothy Pehalwan get a Job. She stays in Delhi and her phone number is 9953774550. She has done her graduation and Bped. She is also the Commonwealth Gold Medallist in Wrestling. She got badly injured trying to get our country get a place in Olympics ! Desh ke waaste aur insanyat ke naate aapki is behen (Jyothy) ki madad karna.

It is a matter of shame :o for the entire Jat community that the only person who has stood by our brave women wrestlers, is Mr. Venkat Krishnan.K, a South Indian from Mumbai, India. He has written to me (as I'm a distant cousin of Asian Games Silver Medallist Geetika Jakhar) about the sad plight of our women wrestlers, who he feels are capable of getting medals for the country.

Through this forum I urge all our Jat brothers and sisters to stop being :mad: "Arm-Chair self opinionated species" and get into the groove of helping our sisters from the Indian Women's wrestling team. They have begun preparation for the World Championship to be held in Japan in Oct 11th to 13th 2008. Please, do make strong efforts to help these brave Sports women, many of them are from our Jat biradhiri :).

Kahan Gaya woh kahawat? :rolleyes:
Jai Bagwan,
Jat Balwan,
Jat Pehalwan,
Hai sabse Mahaan
Sadha rehe Hindustan ki Shaan !

Once again I say this, Jat Women Wrestlers & other sports persons have failed only because of the "Can't Careless Attitude" of the :tamatarJat Community. Do you think any other community, especially Muslims :rolleyes:, would have exhibited this kind of callousness, towards their brave & patriotic daughters ?:confused:

Remember, Wrestling is WAR :boxing! & Indian Women Wrestlers are SOLDIERS REPRESENTING WOMEN OF INDIA !! Do not let them get defeated !!

Please forgive me if my words are inappropriate as I've written the whole message in a frame of deep saddness & pain,

Your Sister,

(Washington, USA)

August 6th, 2008, 07:07 AM
Where are the persons who started the thread "Shaabash Deepender Sahi disha sahi Kadam". Please come forward and answer wht Devika is asking.
Aur bhai iss ladkee ka koi Job ka intejaam karva do.

Abhimanyu Phougat

August 6th, 2008, 07:27 AM
bhai Abhimanyu aap kyun jale pe namak chidak rahe ho....
Istariya to aap ka bhi number lagne wala kyuno ki yaha per sach kisi ko accha nahi lagta.........
any how good luck

August 7th, 2008, 01:55 PM

Blame game apart, How abt some REAL HELP SOON?


August 10th, 2008, 03:54 AM

Blame game apart, How abt some REAL HELP SOON?


lets talk bout something real ....... devika as u told us about the girl

we really try to look out some job for her ..not like just to tell you that we are very kind ppl or stuff ,............but u know what strikes in my mind that all you people who posted your comments here ..are in abroad(usa/oz/oe whr eve ........u guys posting ur views here why don u guyz help her in the mean time ..........cause u guyz have a better source of income respectively to india.......n yeh devika your sister just selected in haryana police .i hope she will help u for some kind of job for her ................and Mr abhimanyu lik u said whr are the people who started that thread.. just ask him to talk to deepander ...for her job in that thread we talk bout ...infrastucture and educational institute .not bout stuff lik this ..so plz dont compare this with that ..........................

and if u r so eager to help her plz find some job for her overthere ...cause she will earn the same overthr also................so plz start it from yourself first .than ask others ..to help you

its not like we dont want to help her .just saying ..why u guys making this a big deal .....devika i hope u know there are loads of sports man ...who didn get a chance to prove them selves.....

and yeh abhimanyu that thread starter had done a loads of thing which i know personelly ................

and plz u guys spare your time for the above said talks ...................
and i personelly try to do somthng for her


vivek Gathwala