View Full Version : Who is Responsible for this situation of the Country

December 1st, 2008, 07:25 PM
I take the responsibility is you guys have the guts to face the truth and responsibility for such failure.
Please dont think i'm depress or under fear or angry i'm fully sane and know what i'm saying : reason i'm a Lawyer ,young, age 25, aware about my right and others and then also i'm failed to choose the Govt. who able to control the Terrorism and who instead of doing politics everytime on Country situation and terrorism activity. I'm responsible becoz i allowed Raj Thakry to poisoned the mind of my other Brothers against us and also allowed them to do politics over such situation and unable to ask him a question where is he when terrorist attack over Taj Nad other places. I am also responsible of Economic crisis becoz i allowed govt to follow such policies which create sush situation. I am not fearless but i fear to the the position when they harm me and i think why i not stop these when i can . At last only one think i can do one thing as a Lawyer i can make other aware about their legal rights and what they can do to prevent uch legal cause whch u thing caused harm to u or our country and to help them without and legal fee that i can do now its ur turn to decide what u can do if not decide now then wait the war came on ur side in a Quick manner .

December 4th, 2008, 12:03 PM
Good to see that you are feeling responsibility of all the problems we are fasing due to improper planning. We all are responsible but who eccept first will do somthing early and who is not accepting will be responsible for further atrocities.

December 5th, 2008, 04:32 PM
Dear All,

I feel it is high time we should understand and take-up our responsibilities and elect right kind of people of State Assemblies and Parliament. If we are not doing justice to the nation, how can we expect the nation to gorw. I do feel we should go for merits of the candidates and political parties. A day before i was listening news about Deshmukh, he is playing with Maharashtra like a football. He was CM - handed over power to some one back and again got the power and again same story, and News reader was saying history may repeat. Trust me friends we can't blame politicians for this, coz we have elected them. Let us pledge to make India a better place to live in for our genrations to come.

To end my short note, i will like to say i don't see any leader better than former President A.P.J.kalam and current PM if he is allowed to function independently, very unfortunatly i feel and i am confident lot of my friends will agree, he is just a mask for Sonia.

I am sorry if my note offends any one.

Aakash Tahlan