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January 29th, 2009, 05:40 PM

The change which every Indian was dreaming about seems to be a possibility in future. People have started questioning all sorts of mistakes/inaction/etc. committed by Govt. The power of democracy seems to be overtaking the self centered approach of politics.

Things do look bright as the Indian public has started questioning the govt. might it be the distribution of national awards, the 26/11 or any other issue the Govt. though not willing has to address all these queries raised; It definitely seems that with more and more people realising that the "GOVT. IS ANSWERABLE" which is followed by demanding explanations / justifications from govt. by people would not only rectify the wrong actions taken by Govt. but the fear of same would definitely avoid such situations in coming times, certainly looks as if we have stepped into the age of awakening, the time promises to change with education empowering our thought process.

"jawabdehi/answerablity" is a long present phenomenon of our society, it seems that either we had forgotten it or were made to forget the same by our system of power. I feel that once the common man starts realising his rights & powers times are definitely going to change for the good of all.

On the other hand it is not only the Government which is answerable or the people who run it, we all are answerable might as well if it includes choosing the leadership, of being opportunist, hurting/harming others etc. etc. The democracy teaches us that we are free and can do whatever we feel is right however at the same time we have a set of law comprising of both legal and society norms & it is these norms we tend to forget when things come to our own self and we commit wrong deeds in our lives from which others are affected directly or indirectly, therefore according to me adopting the word "answerablity" in our lives can do wonders for us and will go on to improve one's individual life, society and nation as a whole.

By adopting "answarablity" in our life i mean that by simply using ignorance or confronting others when questioned should not be done rather we should try to find the correct answer within our self and do the right deed there upon, also being aware of the fact that we are answerable to our self and to others for our wrong actions can prevent us from committing mistakes.

I wish our leaders understand the importance of this word and begin implementing "answerablity" both in their personal and public life, The Government as an institution has always been answerable but it is the people who run it have not been therefore as i observed above that the recent incidents should serve as a caution otherwise foreseeing a mass revolution is also a possibility.

To me it seems that "answerablity" has always been a part of our Indian Value system and should always be, and not only our system but all successful nations, governments, societies and organisations are built around it only.

Looking forward towards the views of fellow Jatlander's.

January 30th, 2009, 05:54 PM
Hi Sandesh,

I fully endorse your view on answerability.I have two points on this

1) In Government working whether it is at state or fedral level, this
explanation of answerability is only in books.Every one doing lip service
instead of taking a firm action compare to our peer groups(like
western part).

You may argue that country & its working protocol are made by its
resident.But according to me to bring concept of answerability to its
correct platform we need a complete revamp.

2) Second, answerability to one's for its own action is more like a moral
call instead of any standard regulation.Because one has to
face the possitive & negative of their action.

With regards,