View Full Version : Voters Awareness Campaign - An Open Invitation

April 24th, 2009, 04:38 PM
In order to make democracy survive and succeed, it is imperative that the people who vote are discerning and politically aware of their responsibilities. After attaining freedom, when our country decided to adopt a democratic system of governance, it was felt that with the passage of time people would gradually become educated, politically aware and empowered. However, political empowerment of the masses through the years has left much to be desired. Thereby, creating a situation where still a large number of voters are not utilizing their right to franchise. They still consider voting to be a frivolous and an avoidable event. This irresponsible attitude does not only deny them their right to choose befitting leaders and Government but leaves space for corruption and illegal means of choosing governments and leaders, which further leads to political, social and economic evils to prevail, thus negating the process of justice and progress of our great Nation. Voting by us should not be taken lightly. Remember, it is our sacred civil and constitutional right and we must make the most judicious and righteous use of this instrument to ensure that we contribute positively to choosing the right leader and the best government to govern our constituency, our state, our Nation and ourselves. We need to ensure that uneducated, corrupt and criminals do not enter into our political system. The right to choose is ours and we must make the right choice, that is why each vote makes a difference to our society and to us, as well. There are five principles of right voting that we need to keep in our minds.Five Principles of Positive voting1.Cast your vote without prejudice and fear.2.Your vote should not be in preference to caste or religion but on 'Development'.3.Honesty, selflessness, sensibility and capability should guide your choice of candidate.4.Besides ensuring your vote inspire your family, friends neighbors to also vote.5.Participate in drafting of People manifesto in your constituency or region, to ensure important issues are addressed.