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December 29th, 2009, 03:20 PM
Ruchika Incident from the last few days on air, kamaal haan na, jaise hi punishment declared hui or pata chala ki sirf 6 months or uske saath kya kya hua, ham sabhi ke andher ik aag lag gayi, ki thats unjustice system kharab haan, rathor must be hung to death usse sare Bravery Awards lene chiaye,suddenly judiciary failure feel hone lagi, or as usual jasika lal Incident or priyadarshani matto issue ki tarah ham log ik muhim uthane lage, yarron awakeness is good but jab incident hota haan tab koi kuch nahi dekhtha, if u guys dont know then i told u, She was 14 jab yeh incident hua, she called at office and abusing by the rathored, Suddenly hamein lagega ,he must be hanged, kyon bhai society haan, jo system chunthi haan, Political leaders kuch ka kehna haan Chautala, chautala ka kehna haan, Bansi lal ya koi or, yani ik political presure ne FIR launch nahi hone di, or hui toh bhi usme kuch nahi tha, She filled case in Lower court or kamaal dekhiye, again school Administration Ruchika ko case dalthe hi nikal chuka tha or uske Bhai ke against 11 cases hue theft ke, and uski family ko khud issi society ne treat kiya like they r gulity becoz kisi bade insan ke against case dala haan, yehi society thi, jo uske marne ke baad bhi take more then 14 years to think and decide ki haan ruchika ke saath kuch bura hua haan, yarron Galti aapki ya meri nahi hum habitual ho gaye haan, ki jab tak incidents nahi hote humein sochna nahi hota haan, or incidents hote hi suddenly, NGO, common public ,politicians, and bleedy system all take the step and again we starts to send mails, sms, ki haan galat hua haan, to show that v r together, kamaal haan na, har baar hamein yeh jatane ke liye kisi ki maut ka intezar karne hota haan, i not blaim judicial system isliye nahi ki main Law se juda hoon, i dont blaim rathor arre kute tak ki jaan par bane toh apne ko bachane ke liye sab kuch karega usne bhi kiya, yani ki system ka misuse, its the school board ya kahun again society, arre kisi bacche ko thapad mar de, toh sari family pahuch jathi haan, toh jab ruchika nikali toh kahan mar gaye sabhi, i blaim the bloody society, who live arround her ki jab uske bhai ke against false case dale toh society dont protest, and again main khud isliye ki main aaj bhi bas ik psot a thread hi likh sakhta hoon, i m part of the society jo paralised haan, we need incidents to awake or jagne par chilane ke, yarron, i m sorry to be a part of a paralised society, so i request ar least awake now, and mail or sms Aradhana to show her support, ki we r human still humans , we feel pains of others and also try to change although late but not LATE completely.

December 29th, 2009, 04:19 PM
Our system's rot is responsible to some extent.But largly we all are responsible as we only react when it happens to us individually.This case has been blown out of proprtions for the resons unknown(may be it is good at least in awakening the public sentiments...who knows?) otherwise there are so many Ruchikas who are crying loads of pain in each corner of a village and town and no one is aware of the sufferings they are undergoing.No house is left untouched where crime against women is not supressed.

December 30th, 2009, 09:10 AM
I think the same topic is also in discussion in other thread, it would be better to merge both theards, if the author don't have any objection.

ar vakil saab sharu karn te pahle dekh bhi liya karo.