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April 4th, 2015, 05:41 PM
I was looking thorough the word @ Heer, interesting it has lot of meanings in German language. Lot @Jat clans connect with @ Heer roots.
Some of the meanings of @Heer in European languages especially in German as a language are

1. http://dictionary.reverso.net/german-english/Heer

although there are lot of ways in which @Heer as a word is used in European languages, one of the major use seems to be that of @Heer as @
Land Army in Germanic languages.

There is another word with which the word @Heer connects with and one of these words might be from proto indo european langauge. *The other word which connects with @Heer is still present in Indian and European subcontinent as does the word @Heer.

Now the main question is were there big Marshes or Marshy areas near Caspian sea and ancient central asia from where these tribes migrated.

If this is true, then probably these ancient people were living in marshy areas in ancient past and were very successful in Gorilla warfare, as marshes provided easy location to live and work from in ancient past. In such areas such tribes could live in small groups but can gather when needed to form an army. This could have given rise to its meaning of @Heer as Army.

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April 4th, 2015, 05:43 PM
http://starling.rinet.ru/cgi-bin/ety...91&root=config (http://starling.rinet.ru/cgi-bin/etymology.cgi?single=1&basename=%2Fdata%2Fie%2Fgermet&text_number=+++391&root=config)