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June 10th, 2016, 11:03 AM
We are compiling List of The Jat Martyrs on Jatland. See here - http://www.jatland.com/home/The_Martyrs

It is unfortunate that the List of The Jat Martyrs is expanding at a very fast rate. Though it is said to be the peace period for the country. Every day we find name of our Jat brave people becoming martyr in J & K, Assam, Manipur, Chhattisgarh etc. not only in forces but even in Civilian Jobs or even in society for some or the other cause. We can not do much but pay them homage on Jatland by adding their names here. You can also contribute to this cause.

Our enthusiastic members had done good job by creating pages for our brave people. I have enlisted them all at one place for ready reference.

June 13th, 2016, 10:47 PM
List of The Jat Martyrs (Contd)

The above list of martyrs is yet is incomplete. We have compiled this list from various sources. We have not been able to locate the villages of some martyrs, which are left blank. The members who are living nearby can help to complete these lists. Some villages are recorded but we could not find in which tahsil and district such are in red entries. You can also help to update by sending image of the martyr or the statue installed in his memory. I am very thankful to one non-Jat member Ramesh Dadhich from Bidasar Churu Rajasthan who is regularly sending such images and paper cuttings to update pages of these martyrs.

June 14th, 2016, 04:47 PM
Captain Pawan Kumar (1993- 2016) was from Badhana (http://www.jatland.com/home/Badhana), Jind (http://www.jatland.com/home/Jind) district in Haryana (http://www.jatland.com/home/Haryana), died fighting terrorists on Sunday 21.2.2016 in Pampore (http://www.jatland.com/home/Pampore) in Jammu and Kashmir (http://www.jatland.com/home/Jammu_and_Kashmir). Captain Pawan Kumar of 10 Para attained martyrdom leading his men from the front in a tricky deliberate operation against the terrorists hiding in a government building in Pampore (http://www.jatland.com/home/Pampore) area on the Srinagar (http://www.jatland.com/home/Srinagar)-Jammu (http://www.jatland.com/home/Jammu) National Highway on Sunday morning.

See more at -http://www.jatland.com/home/Pawan_Kumarhttp://www.jatland.com/w/images/thumb/b/b6/Pawan_Kumar.jpg/300px-Pawan_Kumar.jpg

June 14th, 2016, 05:13 PM
We have two kinds of list on Jatland. One is The Brave People and other is The Martyr

At times both are mixedup. We want a clear list of each without any overlapping. It is proposed that the Jats who did bravery and survived to keep under the list - The Brave People.

Those who lost life in such bravery operations may be included in the list of The Martyrs.

If the members agree we can do this categorization ?

June 16th, 2016, 10:01 AM
Shahid Ajay Singh Chaudhary From Dhigal (http://www.jatland.com/home/Dhigal), Mukundgarh (http://www.jatland.com/home/Mukundgarh), Jhunjhunu (http://www.jatland.com/home/Jhunjhunu), Rajasthan (http://www.jatland.com/home/Rajasthan), Martyr of Militancy in Kupwara on 14.06.2016, Jammu and Kashmir (http://www.jatland.com/home/Jammu_and_Kashmir), Signal Regiment 56 RR.

अजयसिंह चौधरी आतंकियों से लोहा लेते शहीद

संदर्भ - Bhaskar News Network Jun 16, 2016

(http://www.bhaskar.com/news/RAJ-OTH-MAT-latest-mukundgarh-news-052003-375124-NOR.html) http://www.jatland.com/w/images/7/79/Ajay_Singh_Chaudhary.jpg

ढिगालका (http://www.jatland.com/home/Dhigal) लाडला अजयसिंह चौधरी आतंकियों से लोहा लेते शहीद हो गए। जानकारी के मुताबिक सिगनल रेजीमेंट 56 आरआर में तैनात अजयसिंह चौधरी मंगलवार रात राजौरी के मछल सेक्टर कुपवाड़ा में तैनात थे। वे मंगलवार रात शहीद हो गए। गुरुवार को पार्थिव देह गांव पहुंचने पर राजकीय सम्मान के साथ अंत्येष्टि होगी। महीनेभर पहले आये थे गांव
बुधवारको शहीद के घर पर सन्नाटा था। परिवार के कुछ लोग घर के बाहर खड़े थे। परिवार के रिश्तेदार मौजिज लोगों के अलावा महिलाओं को अजयसिंह चौधरी के शहीद होने की सूचना नहीं दी गई। बड़े बुजुर्ग स्थिति को संभाले थे। परिजनों से मिली जानकारी के मुताबिक अजय चौधरी करीब पांच साल पहले सेना में भर्ती हुए थे। महीने भर पहले बीस दिन की छुट्टी पर आये अजय ने जुलाई - अगस्त में वापस आने की बात कही थी।
तीन भाई- बहनों में अजय दूसरे नंबर के थे। छोटा भाई अंकित बीएससी फाइनल में है। परिवार में शहीद के पिता रघुवीरसिंह सरकारी स्कूल में अध्यापक हैं, वहीं माता विमलादेवी, वीरांगना मीना गृहिणी है। शहीद के नौ महीने का पुत्र तनिक है।

June 29th, 2016, 05:16 PM
Prabhu Ram Chotia

(http://www.jatland.com/home/Prabhu_Ram_Chotia)http://www.jatland.com/w/images/thumb/6/67/Prabhu_Ram_Chotia-1.jpg/300px-Prabhu_Ram_Chotia-1.jpg (http://www.jatland.com/home/File:Prabhu_Ram_Chotia-1.jpg)

Naik Prabhu Ram Chotia (http://www.jatland.com/home/Chotia) (1968–1999)

We had compiled long back list of Martyrs from various sources. Recently his son Dayal contacted me on facebook messenger and requested that his fathers rank and date of martyrdom are recorded wrongly. On my request he sent me corrected figures and also the images. Now we have updated his entry and created page.

Naik Prabhu Ram Chotia (http://www.jatland.com/home/Chotia) (1968–1999) From Indas (http://www.jatland.com/home/Indas), Nagaur (http://www.jatland.com/home/Nagaur), Rajasthan (http://www.jatland.com/home/Rajasthan) is Martyr of Kargil war (http://www.jatland.com/home/Martyr_of_Kargil_war) on 13 June 1999, Unit-18 Grenadiers. Naik Prabhu Ram Chotiya (http://www.jatland.com/home/Naik_Prabhu_Ram_Chotiya) was a brave soldier of the Indian Army who sacrificed his life during the Kargil War while capturing tololing in Dras Kargil by the Pakistani security forces. He along with his team marched towards tololing and re acquired the tololing on 13th June but he was no more to enjoy the success of team.

Early life

Naik Prabhu Ram Chotiya was born on 3 January 1968 at Indas (http://www.jatland.com/home/Indas) in Nagaur (http://www.jatland.com/home/Nagaur) district in Rajasthan (http://www.jatland.com/home/Rajasthan), India in the family of Mrs. Gulabi Devi and Mr Dhana Ram Chotiya. His schooling took place in the Government school Nagaur (http://www.jatland.com/home/Nagaur). He excelled at school, securing first Division and winning awards throughout his academic career. Through hard work and will-power he joined Indian Army on 10 September 1987.

Career in Army

Naik Prabhu Ram Chotiya was selected for the Indian Army (18 grenadiers) in September 1987 through open military. He was the part of op. Pawan (2 September 1989 to 21 March 90), after Op. Pawan he was posted in north Sikkim and then cmfa Srinagar (http://www.jatland.com/home/Srinagar) and from 23 March 1999 until his martyrdom on 13th June 1999 he was the part of Op. Vijay.


http://www.jatland.com/w/images/thumb/5/55/Prabhu_Ram_Chotiya_Statue.jpg/300px-Prabhu_Ram_Chotiya_Statue.jpg (http://www.jatland.com/home/File:Prabhu_Ram_Chotiya_Statue.jpg)

Shahid Naik Prabhu Ram Chotiya's Statue

The Government renamed the school situated in his village after Shahid Naik Prabhu Ram in the memory of the Martyr. Govt also provided land to built a memorial of the hero of the Nation. He was also awarded with special Seva Medal (http://www.jatland.com/w/index.php?title=Seva_Medal&action=edit&redlink=1) (Sri Lanka), Videsh Seva Medal, and Sena Medal for his services.

His Family

Mother: Mrs Gulabi Devi

Father : Mr Dhana Ram Chotiya

Wife : Mrs Ruki DeviChildren: Manju Kumari, Dayal Ram and Nirma

Note - This serves the purpose of Jatland. We hope all Jats will become as active as Dayal Ram son of Martyr Prabhu Ram Chotia.

June 30th, 2016, 09:05 AM
New Category of Jat Martyr Villages

We have identified villages of the Martyrs (see www.jatland.com/home/The_Martyrs (http://www.jatland.com/home/The_Martyrs)) and given these villages a new category - Jat Martyr Villages so that one can know at a glance all villages under this category. Some villages are yet to be identified. Members may help in this matter.

These villages are important from the Jat History point of view because in each village of a Martyr a chhatri or statue is installed and some building or road etc are named after the martyr. So these villages come also under the category of Jat Monuments. Right now we have following villages under this category:

Category:Jat Martyr Villages

Pages in category "Jat Martyr Villages": 208 total


Abhaurra (http://www.jatland.com/home/Abhaurra)
Adaksar (http://www.jatland.com/home/Adaksar)
Ajari (http://www.jatland.com/home/Ajari)
Ajari Kalan (http://www.jatland.com/home/Ajari_Kalan)
Ajawa Didwana (http://www.jatland.com/home/Ajawa_Didwana)
Akalgarh Patiala (http://www.jatland.com/home/Akalgarh_Patiala)
Ambala (http://www.jatland.com/home/Ambala)


Badhana (http://www.jatland.com/home/Badhana)
Bagpat (http://www.jatland.com/home/Bagpat)
Bahrampur (http://www.jatland.com/home/Bahrampur)
Bajla (http://www.jatland.com/home/Bajla)
Balkra (http://www.jatland.com/home/Balkra)
Balla (http://www.jatland.com/home/Balla)
Ballabhgarh (http://www.jatland.com/home/Ballabhgarh)
Ballabhgarh Bharatpur (http://www.jatland.com/home/Ballabhgarh_Bharatpur)
Balsamand Nagaur (http://www.jatland.com/home/Balsamand_Nagaur)
Ban Talab (http://www.jatland.com/home/Ban_Talab)
Banbhora (http://www.jatland.com/home/Banbhora)
Baoli Baraut (http://www.jatland.com/home/Baoli_Baraut)
Barahi Bahadurgarh (http://www.jatland.com/home/Barahi_Bahadurgarh)
Baraut (http://www.jatland.com/home/Baraut)
Bardu Dhirja (http://www.jatland.com/home/Bardu_Dhirja)
Barona (http://www.jatland.com/home/Barona)
Baseri Kazi (http://www.jatland.com/home/Baseri_Kazi)
Basmana (http://www.jatland.com/home/Basmana)
Basni Lunkaran (http://www.jatland.com/home/Basni_Lunkaran)
Bathot (http://www.jatland.com/home/Bathot)
Bayatu Chimanji (http://www.jatland.com/home/Bayatu_Chimanji)
Bayatu Panji (http://www.jatland.com/home/Bayatu_Panji)
Bazghera (http://www.jatland.com/home/Bazghera)
Beriwala Tala (http://www.jatland.com/home/Beriwala_Tala)
Bhainsali (http://www.jatland.com/home/Bhainsali)
Bhaloth (http://www.jatland.com/home/Bhaloth)
Bharni Sikar (http://www.jatland.com/home/Bharni_Sikar)
Bheemra (http://www.jatland.com/home/Bheemra)
Bhojasar Jhunjhunu (http://www.jatland.com/home/Bhojasar_Jhunjhunu)
Biggabas Ramsara (http://www.jatland.com/home/Biggabas_Ramsara)
Bijwara (http://www.jatland.com/home/Bijwara)
Bisaraniya Barmer (http://www.jatland.com/home/Bisaraniya_Barmer)
Bissau (http://www.jatland.com/home/Bissau)
Boodhi With Chak (http://www.jatland.com/home/Boodhi_With_Chak)
Budkiya (http://www.jatland.com/home/Budkiya)


Chaba Jodhpur (http://www.jatland.com/home/Chaba_Jodhpur)
Chamu (http://www.jatland.com/home/Chamu)
Chandesara (http://www.jatland.com/home/Chandesara)
Charkhi (http://www.jatland.com/home/Charkhi)
Chhapri Kalan (http://www.jatland.com/home/Chhapri_Kalan)
Chhoti Ballabh (http://www.jatland.com/home/Chhoti_Ballabh)


Dabathwa (http://www.jatland.com/home/Dabathwa)
Dadia (http://www.jatland.com/home/Dadia)
Danewala (http://www.jatland.com/home/Danewala)
Dasua (http://www.jatland.com/home/Dasua)
Daulatabad (http://www.jatland.com/home/Daulatabad)
Deeghal (http://www.jatland.com/home/Deeghal)
Desalpur (http://www.jatland.com/home/Desalpur)
Dhabi Khurd (http://www.jatland.com/home/Dhabi_Khurd)
Dhaka Ki Dhani (http://www.jatland.com/home/Dhaka_Ki_Dhani)
Dhakla (http://www.jatland.com/home/Dhakla)
Dhigal Jhunjhunu (http://www.jatland.com/home/Dhigal_Jhunjhunu)
Digiana (http://www.jatland.com/home/Digiana)
Dubaldhan Majra (http://www.jatland.com/home/Dubaldhan_Majra)


Enabad (http://www.jatland.com/home/Enabad)


Fakeerpura (http://www.jatland.com/home/Fakeerpura)
Fatehpur Sikri (http://www.jatland.com/home/Fatehpur_Sikri)


Gadoli Bharatpur (http://www.jatland.com/home/Gadoli_Bharatpur)
Gagriya (http://www.jatland.com/home/Gagriya)
Gahlau (http://www.jatland.com/home/Gahlau)
Ghirai (http://www.jatland.com/home/Ghirai)
Gill ki Dhani (http://www.jatland.com/home/Gill_ki_Dhani)
Gudabari (http://www.jatland.com/home/Gudabari)
Gudan (http://www.jatland.com/home/Gudan)


Haripura (Losal) (http://www.jatland.com/home/Haripura_%28Losal%29)
Harpalu Tal (http://www.jatland.com/home/Harpalu_Tal)
Holani (http://www.jatland.com/home/Holani)


Ikram Nagar (http://www.jatland.com/home/Ikram_Nagar)
Itawa (http://www.jatland.com/home/Itawa)


Jahangir Amritsar (http://www.jatland.com/home/Jahangir_Amritsar)
Jaisinghpura Jhunjhunu (http://www.jatland.com/home/Jaisinghpura_Jhunjhunu)
Jaitpur Jhajjar (http://www.jatland.com/home/Jaitpur_Jhajjar)
Janduo Ki Dhani (http://www.jatland.com/home/Janduo_Ki_Dhani)
Jaswant Pura (http://www.jatland.com/home/Jaswant_Pura)
Jat Behror (http://www.jatland.com/home/Jat_Behror)
Jatwara Jhajjar (http://www.jatland.com/home/Jatwara_Jhajjar)
Jhakh Barmer (http://www.jatland.com/home/Jhakh_Barmer)
Jhanswa (http://www.jatland.com/home/Jhanswa)
Jhatawa Khurd (http://www.jatland.com/home/Jhatawa_Khurd)
Jindran (http://www.jatland.com/home/Jindran)

June 30th, 2016, 09:06 AM

Kachaura (http://www.jatland.com/home/Kachaura)
Kalri Nagaur (http://www.jatland.com/home/Kalri_Nagaur)
Kalyan Nagar (http://www.jatland.com/home/Kalyan_Nagar)
Kanara Nautiyal (http://www.jatland.com/home/Kanara_Nautiyal)
Kansapur (http://www.jatland.com/home/Kansapur)
Karwasaron Ki Dhani (http://www.jatland.com/home/Karwasaron_Ki_Dhani)
Kathoti (http://www.jatland.com/home/Kathoti)
Kathumar (http://www.jatland.com/home/Kathumar)
Kaulapur (http://www.jatland.com/home/Kaulapur)
Keroo (http://www.jatland.com/home/Keroo)
Khairpur Bulandshahr (http://www.jatland.com/home/Khairpur_Bulandshahr)
Khangata (http://www.jatland.com/home/Khangata)
Khangawali (http://www.jatland.com/home/Khangawali)
Kharin (http://www.jatland.com/home/Kharin)
Khatehpura (http://www.jatland.com/home/Khatehpura)
Khatkar Kalan (http://www.jatland.com/home/Khatkar_Kalan)
Khattoo (http://www.jatland.com/home/Khattoo)
Kheenwasar Laxmangarh (http://www.jatland.com/home/Kheenwasar_Laxmangarh)
Khekada (http://www.jatland.com/home/Khekada)
Kheri Asra (http://www.jatland.com/home/Kheri_Asra)
Kheri Boora (http://www.jatland.com/home/Kheri_Boora)
Kheri Charan (http://www.jatland.com/home/Kheri_Charan)
Khokhsar (http://www.jatland.com/home/Khokhsar)
Khunghayi (http://www.jatland.com/home/Khunghayi)
Kirpind (http://www.jatland.com/home/Kirpind)
Kirtan (http://www.jatland.com/home/Kirtan)
Koliya (http://www.jatland.com/home/Koliya)
Kolpur (http://www.jatland.com/home/Kolpur)
Korna (http://www.jatland.com/home/Korna)
Kosariya (http://www.jatland.com/home/Kosariya)
Kotli Arjun Singh (http://www.jatland.com/home/Kotli_Arjun_Singh)
Kotli Shahdaula (http://www.jatland.com/home/Kotli_Shahdaula)
Kudan (http://www.jatland.com/home/Kudan)
Kudli Sikar (http://www.jatland.com/home/Kudli_Sikar)


Lalpur (http://www.jatland.com/home/Lalpur)
Lath (http://www.jatland.com/home/Lath)


Madapura (http://www.jatland.com/home/Madapura)
Madhasar (http://www.jatland.com/home/Madhasar)
Madpura Barwala (http://www.jatland.com/home/Madpura_Barwala)
Mahlana (http://www.jatland.com/home/Mahlana)
Mahoo Khas (http://www.jatland.com/home/Mahoo_Khas)
Mahrana Bhiwani (http://www.jatland.com/home/Mahrana_Bhiwani)
Mainpura (http://www.jatland.com/home/Mainpura)
Makhanpura Jammu (http://www.jatland.com/home/Makhanpura_Jammu)
Makkasar (http://www.jatland.com/home/Makkasar)
Malupur (http://www.jatland.com/home/Malupur)
Mandawa (http://www.jatland.com/home/Mandawa)
Mandawar Alwar (http://www.jatland.com/home/Mandawar_Alwar)
Mathura (http://www.jatland.com/home/Mathura)
Mehuwala (http://www.jatland.com/home/Mehuwala)
Milkpur (http://www.jatland.com/home/Milkpur)
Mohammadpur Alwar (http://www.jatland.com/home/Mohammadpur_Alwar)
Mohna (http://www.jatland.com/home/Mohna)
Mokhara (http://www.jatland.com/home/Mokhara)
Mukandpura (http://www.jatland.com/home/Mukandpura)
Mumtajpur (http://www.jatland.com/home/Mumtajpur)


Nanan Jodhpur (http://www.jatland.com/home/Nanan_Jodhpur)
Nangli Goojran (http://www.jatland.com/home/Nangli_Goojran)
Naradhana (http://www.jatland.com/home/Naradhana)
Naurangpura Churu (http://www.jatland.com/home/Naurangpura_Churu)
Nawali (http://www.jatland.com/home/Nawali)
Neem Ka Thana (http://www.jatland.com/home/Neem_Ka_Thana)
Newra Road (http://www.jatland.com/home/Newra_Road)
Nilauthi (http://www.jatland.com/home/Nilauthi)
Nosar (http://www.jatland.com/home/Nosar)


Pachainda Kala (http://www.jatland.com/home/Pachainda_Kala)
Pachehara Aligarh (http://www.jatland.com/home/Pachehara_Aligarh)
Palthana (http://www.jatland.com/home/Palthana)
Pasta (http://www.jatland.com/home/Pasta)
Patasar (http://www.jatland.com/home/Patasar)
Phulat (http://www.jatland.com/home/Phulat)
Pinana (http://www.jatland.com/home/Pinana)
Pipal Ka Bas (http://www.jatland.com/home/Pipal_Ka_Bas)
Pooniyon Ka Tala (http://www.jatland.com/home/Pooniyon_Ka_Tala)
Puthar (http://www.jatland.com/home/Puthar)


Rahnawa (http://www.jatland.com/home/Rahnawa)
Raipur Alwar (http://www.jatland.com/home/Raipur_Alwar)
Raipur Kalan Faridabad (http://www.jatland.com/home/Raipur_Kalan_Faridabad)
Rajgaon (http://www.jatland.com/home/Rajgaon)
Rajpur Kamila (http://www.jatland.com/home/Rajpur_Kamila)
Rampura Sikar (http://www.jatland.com/home/Rampura_Sikar)
Raniwala (http://www.jatland.com/home/Raniwala)
Ranoth (http://www.jatland.com/home/Ranoth)
Rawaldhi (http://www.jatland.com/home/Rawaldhi)
Relon Ki Beri (http://www.jatland.com/home/Relon_Ki_Beri)
Rithori (http://www.jatland.com/home/Rithori)
Rohna (http://www.jatland.com/home/Rohna)
Rudrapur (http://www.jatland.com/home/Rudrapur)
Rukhi (http://www.jatland.com/home/Rukhi)


Saidpur Siana (http://www.jatland.com/home/Saidpur_Siana)
Salempur Amritsar (http://www.jatland.com/home/Salempur_Amritsar)
Salwa Kalla (http://www.jatland.com/home/Salwa_Kalla)
Samrau (http://www.jatland.com/home/Samrau)
Sanghi (http://www.jatland.com/home/Sanghi)
Sankhol (http://www.jatland.com/home/Sankhol)
Sarthi (http://www.jatland.com/home/Sarthi)
Seethal (http://www.jatland.com/home/Seethal)
Sega Jagatpur (http://www.jatland.com/home/Sega_Jagatpur)
Shekhupura Palota (http://www.jatland.com/home/Shekhupura_Palota)
Sigdola Chhota (http://www.jatland.com/home/Sigdola_Chhota)
Sihot Chhoti (http://www.jatland.com/home/Sihot_Chhoti)
Sikrodi (http://www.jatland.com/home/Sikrodi)
Sinsini (http://www.jatland.com/home/Sinsini)
Sirsali (http://www.jatland.com/home/Sirsali)
Sisodiyon Ka Pana (http://www.jatland.com/home/Sisodiyon_Ka_Pana)
Soldha (http://www.jatland.com/home/Soldha)
Subana (http://www.jatland.com/home/Subana)
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July 20th, 2016, 06:47 PM
Harvinder Panwar

http://www.jatland.com/w/images/thumb/9/9a/Harvinder_Panwar-1.jpeg/300px-Harvinder_Panwar-1.jpeg (http://www.jatland.com/home/File:Harvinder_Panwar-1.jpeg)

Martyr Harvinder Panwar

Harvinder Panwar (http://www.jatland.com/home/Panwar) (CRPF) - Cobra Commando, From Jatbad Katia (http://www.jatland.com/home/Jatbad_Katia), Jansath (http://www.jatland.com/home/Jansath), Muzaffarnagar (http://www.jatland.com/home/Muzaffarnagar), Uttar Pradesh (http://www.jatland.com/home/Uttar_Pradesh), Martyr of Naxalism in Chakarbanda forests of Aurangabad (http://www.jatland.com/home/Aurangabad) Bihar on 18.7.2016

See more at http://www.jatland.com/home/Harvinder_Panwar

We salute the martyr !!!

September 20th, 2016, 10:46 PM
Ramesh Chaudhary (रमेश चौधरी) (27), BSF jawan, from Nagani (http://www.jatland.com/home/Nagani), Reodar (http://www.jatland.com/home/Reodar) tahsil, Sirohi (http://www.jatland.com/home/Sirohi_Rajasthan), Rajasthan (http://www.jatland.com/home/Rajasthan), posted in Jammu and Kashmir (http://www.jatland.com/home/Jammu_and_Kashmir), got martyrdom of militancy on 10.9.2016.
Ramesh Kumar Chaudhary was a Gunner Operator who had died at the Military Hospital in Srinagar (http://www.jatland.com/home/Srinagar) on September 10,2016. His body was brought to his ancestral village of Nagani (http://www.jatland.com/home/Nagani) in Sirohi where his family members conducted the cremation ceremony in the presence of his army unit and another unit from Mount Abu.
Cremation with state honourhttp://www.jatland.com/w/images/thumb/8/80/Cremation_of_Ramesh_Chaudhari.jpg/300px-Cremation_of_Ramesh_Chaudhari.jpg (http://www.jatland.com/home/File:Cremation_of_Ramesh_Chaudhari.jpg)
Cremation of Ramesh Chaudhari

Ref - Times of India, 14.9.2016 (http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/jaipur/Martyred-jawan-cremated-with-state-honours-in-Sirohi/articleshow/54321261.cms)
The mortal remains of Ramesh Chaudhary was consigned to flames with full state honours at his native village Nagani (http://www.jatland.com/home/Nagani) in Sirohi district of the state on Tuesday. Before the body was consigned to flames, a guard of honour was also given to the martyr.
Almost 8,000 people from various villages in Sirohi district, Devji Patel, MP, Sirohi, Otaram Dewasi, animal husbandry minister and senior officers including Sandeep Chauhan, superintendent of police, Sirohi and Laxmi Naryan Meena, district collector, Sirohi and other dignitaries were present on the occasion.
A large number of youngsters present at the function chanted 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai' and 'Ramesh Chaudhary Amar Rahey' while family members lit the funeral pyre of the martyr. He was posted in Jammu and Kashmir (http://www.jatland.com/home/Jammu_and_Kashmir) since 2015.
"He had come to the village on Raksha Bandhan and while we were insisting him to get married but he wanted to get married only after getting posting outside Jammu and Kashmir (http://www.jatland.com/home/Jammu_and_Kashmir)," said Kasnaram Chaudhary, elder brother of the deceased, who lit the funeral pyre.
सैन्य सम्मान के साथ अंतिम विदाईRef - Bhaskar News Network | Sep 14, 2016 (http://www.bhaskar.com/news/RAJ-OTH-MAT-latest-sirohi-news-072003-965818-NOR.html)
जम्मू-कश्मीरमें अपनी बहादुरी से आतंकियों का आखिरी सांस तक मुकाबला करने वाले नागाणी, सिरोही के शहीद रमेश चौधरी का मंगलवार को हजारों लोगों की मौजूदगी में अंतिम संस्कार किया गया। जम्मू कश्मीर के पूंछ इलाके में आतंकियों से मुठभेड़ में शहीद हुए रमेश कुमार चौधरी का पार्थिव शरीर मंगलवार सवेरे 8 बजे पैतृक गांव नागाणी पहुंचा। तिरंगे में लिपटे शव को देखकर हर किसी की आंखें नम हो गई।
इस दौरान गोपालन मंत्री ओटाराम देवासी, सांसद देवजी पटेल समेत कई जनप्रतिनिधि तथा अधिकारी मौजूद थे। इस बीच शहीद के अंतिम संस्कार का एक वीडियो वायरल हुआ, जिसमें दाह संस्कार में लकड़ियों के कम पड़ने तथा शव के पास बिखरे शरीर के टुकड़ों को वापस चिता पर रखा जा रहा है। इस बारे में शहीद के परिजनों ने अधिकारियों को लिखकर दिया कि ऐसा कुछ नहीं हुआ। चिता के पास में ही शरीर के टुकड़े बिखर गए थे, वे प्लास्टिक से भी चिपके हुए थे। उनको वापस चिता पर जलने के लिए रखना पड़ा। जानकारी के अनुसार रविवार को आतंकवादियों से मुठभेड़ में शहीद हुए बीएसएफ जवान रमेश चौधरी का शव मंगलवार को सुबह उसके पैतृक गांव नागाणी में लाया गया। उसकी शहादत को आखिरी सलाम करने के लिए नागाणी समेत आसपास के गांवों से बड़ी संख्या में लोग पहुंचे थे।

November 5th, 2016, 05:52 PM
Martyr Ram Kishan Grewal

There may be a difference of opinion about the status of a martyr at Govt level but we consider a person who sacrificed his life for the common cause or for good cause of others is a martyr. We consider Ram Kishan Grewal to be a martyr. Ram Kishan Grewal (http://www.jatland.com/home/Grewal) (Death: 2 November 2016) was a Retd. Subedar who was part of movement for One Rank One Pension (OROP) scheme. He sacrificed his life for the welfare of Retired soldiers. The suicide of ex-serviceman Ram Kishan Grewal on the lawns behind Jawahar Bhawan captured headlines across the country.

Read more on Jatland at - http://www.jatland.com/home/Ram_Kishan_Grewal

November 7th, 2016, 09:02 AM
Some member has expressed doubt about community of Ram Kishan Grewal. Can somebody verify?

November 11th, 2016, 10:38 AM
Prem Kumar Saharan from Sahar (http://www.jatland.com/home/Sahar), Baytoo (http://www.jatland.com/home/Baytoo), Barmer (http://www.jatland.com/home/Barmer), Rajasthan (http://www.jatland.com/home/Rajasthan) became martyr of cross border firing in Jammu and Kashmir (http://www.jatland.com/home/Jammu_and_Kashmir) on 8.11.2016.
http://www.jatland.com/w/images/thumb/9/9d/Prem_Kumar_Saharan.jpg/300px-Prem_Kumar_Saharan.jpg (http://www.jatland.com/home/File:Prem_Kumar_Saharan.jpg)

Prem Kumar Saharan

We pay tribute to the martyr !!!

Read more on Jatland at - http://www.jatland.com/home/Prem_Kumar_Saharan

December 25th, 2016, 10:10 PM
Dungar Ram Mundan (4.8.1995- 16.12. 2016) from village Khari Khurd (http://www.jatland.com/home/Khari_Khurd), Baori (http://www.jatland.com/home/Baori_Bhopalgarh), Jodhpur (http://www.jatland.com/home/Jodhpur), Rajasthan (http://www.jatland.com/home/Rajasthan), sacrificed his life on 16.12.2016 in Siachin (http://www.jatland.com/w/index.php?title=Siachin&action=edit&redlink=1) defending the country.

Read more at http://www.jatland.com/home/Dungar_Ram_Mundan