View Full Version : Aryan Race Theory...An historic misnomer

July 27th, 2018, 08:52 PM
Which of us are Aryan ?
(Romila Thapar)

None of us are Aryan !

There has been nothing Aryan Race in the history of civilization.
( Courtesy ...From wall of fb)
Indo-Aryan were and still are ( in modified form) languages.....Sanskrit, Latin, Greek, Celtic and many other European languages

Max Mullar ( famed indilogist) committed mistake of using Aryan as language and race interchangeably while he knew fully well that there has been nothing like Aryan Race. James Mill and other orientalists followed the suit.
Later clarifications that there there has been nothing like Aryan Race cut no ice as the concept of Aryan Race suited identity creators of newly emerging nation states in Europe.

Concept of Aryan also suited colonial purpose; that everything superior originated in Europe and that white Aryan Race is superior and through colonising, they are simply on a civilizing mission

Indian upper caste elites at the head of society also grabbed the concept; after all they considered themselves as 'separated cousines' ( as Keshab Chandra put it) of white Europeans Aryans !

It suited oppressed people also;
Phule said you invader Aryans can go back (!) we are the original inhabitant of this land !

But ghastly consequences of concept of pure Aryan Race were enacted by Nazi Germany with Hitler at it's head.

Share your comments and if any doubt, come back for seeking clarifications.