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October 26th, 2002, 02:26 PM

Greetings from Jatland.com - The online network for the Jats.

A news update from Jatland.com has been due for long. So here goes:

* The site is growing in popularity in leaps and bounds!!! July 02 was our best ever month in terms of traffic. We crossed the 100,000 hits mark for the month, and received over 3,500 unique visitors. This has been achieved primarily through word of mouth publicity.

* Matrimonials service launched!!! Check it out at the site today!!!

* Members area upgraded for much faster response. This is in addition to our move to new servers in June. With all these measures, Jatland.com is ready to take on the increased site traffic.

* The site remains totally free of any charges and without ads due to the generous contributions of members. We're exploring ways to increase the scope of Jatland.com's activities, and look forward to your support and guidance for the same.

* If you are not yet registered in the members area, do so NOW!!! Lots of exclusive features are reserved for the members. Discussions, Humor, Haryanvi Music (and lots more) is available exclusively to the members.

* Please recommend the site to your family and friends.

Your views/suggestions are eagerly awaited. If you would like to contribute in any form (time/effort/resources), it would be highly appreciated.

With warm regards

Jatland.com - The online network for the Jats

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