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October 26th, 2002, 03:49 PM

Greetings from Jatland.com - The online network for the Jats. Jatland is about to complete 2 years of its existence and what a lovely time it has been!!!

Apologies for the long gap since the last newsletter. Just been very busy. Would appreciate it if someone could take up the responsibility to write a regular one. Drop me a line!

* There has been a lot of activity on the site. The members area has over 700 members now. We've formalized rules for the members area (see the announcements board) and now also have a full set of moderators.

* Based on the feedback from members, the Matrimonials service is now totally *free*. All you need to do is login to the member area!!

* Two new forums have been added. "Careers" and "Chapters and Itineraries". Hope these become as popular as the rest.

* Coming up soon... WebJats's Dictionary!!! A draft has been put in the General forum, plz login and suggest additions/modifications.

* New Site: Haryanavimusic.com : Ravinder Rathi has set up this brand new site dedicated to haryanavi music. This is a must visit for all members!!!

If you are not yet registered in the members area, do so NOW!!! Lots of exclusive features are reserved for the members. Please also recommend the site to your family and friends.

Your views/suggestions are eagerly awaited. If you would like to contribute in any form (time/effort/resources), it would be highly appreciated.

With warm regards

Jatland.com - The online network for the Jats

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