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February 12th, 2003, 07:33 PM

At the outset, let me share with you that the response to the request for contributions (in the last newsletter) has been really enthusiastic.

We'd like to thank the generous contributors to the site. In the last month, the site has received financial support from the following members:

Mr Ram Arya, Mr Ashish Chaudhry, Mr Mahender Singh Boora and Ms Savita Sheorayan (another gentleman made a 'private' contribution).

The total contribution received so far is USD 300 and INR 6000. Thank you all!!

In other news, in the past month we've added some very useful features.

* A frequently demanded, and very useful feature that has recently been added is the search in the member directory. The member directory is now searchable by Name and Location. In addition, the results can be sorted by multiple fields! You can try out this feature yourself by logging into the members area, and clicking on "Members" from the members area menu.

* Security on the site was enhanced. Only logged in members can now see any part of the members area, including the member directory.

* The member directory was 'purged' and old inactive accounts were removed. Members who had never posted a message and had not logged in over a year were removed. The member count reduced by 200 due to this, but our primary aim is to keep the member directory accurate and useful.

* Chat is quite happening at certain times of the day. The Matrimonials section continues to be stable. Still looking for the big growth. :)

* A "Donate" button has been added to the ContactUs page due to the frequent queries from members.

* Please login and update your Profile so that people find it easy to search for you. Be sure to enter the country (enter UK and USA as written here. That is how most of the info is at present).

You will need to register/login to use the Member Directory Search feature. If you're not registered, do so now!!!

With warm regards

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