View Full Version : Growth of jatland.com

May 18th, 2004, 02:12 AM

Let me re-iterate that this is probably the best site for jats. There are now over 2000 members. Somehow the growth has been slow but as we all know that there is no advertisement for the site other than the word of mouth.

I expect to see the site grow in terms of number of members and number of participants in active discussion. I expect the membership growth to excelerate and the site will probably reach 4000-5000 by the end of this year.

I would like to make sure that the membership area is secure. None of the posts in the membership area should be generally available especially to the search engines. I would also like to remind everyone that the site, site maintainer and site moderators are not responsible for the views posted on this site. The members are responsible for their own views and should not assume that their views are safe from getting out of the site.

Thanks for your participation. Let us bring more participation on this site from young school/college students and people in key positions (politicians, officers, teachers and social activists). Contribution from professional is already pretty good and will continue to grow as expected.

It makes me really happy to see the open and (for the most part) positive discussions on this site. This only proves that Jats are different (for the better).

I really appreciate the maintainer(s) and the moderators for taking time out of their busy schedule and dedicate to this site. It is really very much appreciated.

Thanks for your participation.

BTW, I am just a member.