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October 25th, 2001, 12:19 PM
Why people in our ...cast jat...they do not
want to come out...and say by proud that
Iam A JAt .......
They use to hide this...no of times I had seen this..
We r doing well in all fields ..may be ..medical..army..or more..
Be proud and speak loudly that Iam a jat...
this I want..
.........And i want also to help our brithers an dsister those who r in villages to....make aware them to in studies ..about there future ..means how can they do well in there...Acadamics...
bye an dtake care ...all o fu..
means Jai Ram jee keee
sandeep balyan...
software engineer..
(Proud to be a JAT)

October 27th, 2001, 11:28 PM
Hi Sandeep,
Initially i thought to ignore reponse to your thoughts in this mail, as it didn't make much sense to me. Though most of my exposure is to Haryana and delhi around, but i did spend 4 yrs in Roorkee univ also, i never felt this thing. How can the people who are expressive to the extent of being exploited can hide something they are so proud of and are identifed with. Its really surprising to me.
Having said that, i also understand that perceptions comes out of personal experiences also. But let me state that Jat community is the only one right now which has some sense of marality, ethics, and purity. Their contribution to every walk of life is enormous. Their capabilities need not to be advertised, as actions speak louder than words.
Ya, like any other community we also have certain ongoing socio-economical issues which need to be addressed by people like us who are in a position, by God's grace, to do some 'service to the community'- the greatest service a human being can do.

Cheers and realise your potentials,

October 28th, 2001, 09:08 PM
Hi Rajesh
U r ans is really nice and give me more positivity in thinking..but really i wrote this as I Found one of my friend hiding that he is a Jat till Third year in BE Once I let to know abt this than ..I was shocked...abt that he is a jat..
By the way I was nick named as a "sandyjat "
in my college..theirfore Sir I wrote this..
...but really U made my Ideas more clear than.
Thanks a lot fro u r nice and to the point ans
bye and take care..

August 18th, 2002, 09:08 PM
Dear bhai sandeep balyan

I do agree with you 100%.Jats mostly from UP and Rajasthan avoid to write their GOT.They just write Singh Or Choudhary which makes it difficult for other jats to know that they are Jats.You can find Singh and choudhary in any caste of northern India.

Since last seven years I am in Pune.I have good experience in this regards.The jat sabha of pune is recently started.Very few write their GOT.
The Best model Of glad rags for current year NITIN SINGH is also Jat but very few people know this Fact.He is our family friend so we know this.Even all the jats In PUNE are not aware about this fact.

In rajasthan 90% of JATS just write choudhari with their names.Where as in Haryana or in Delhi only family elders out of respect are called choudhary.

Here in Pune we know few families whose second generation even don`t know their Got.If people ask them they say we are Punjabi.Because they donot know the our tradition & culture.How they will explain to people What a JAT is ??!! so its easy way out to call themselves punjabis.

Second draw back is we never speak our dialect.It never matters !! we can be from Punjab,Haryana Delhi,Rajasthan,UP,MP or any part of country.We must speak our dialect.

I know many Marwaris and Gujratis in Pune, even their fourth generation speaks mother tongue at home.

We have diffrent dialect,features and regions.Gotras will always helps us to recognise each other.