View Full Version : LEO - The LION(July 23-Aug 22nd)

July 31st, 2002, 07:02 AM
If there was a contest for indomitable confidence, soaring pride and imposing authority you can put your money on a Leo. For the king of the jungle is a natural born leader who demands diplomacy in everything (no sneaky short cuts for the Leo,) and is the pride of the party wherever he goes. So basking in the limelight is a sort of lifestyle thing for a Leo and don't we have sufficient proof of that in tinsel town with so many spotlight headliners in the Leo fray.

With its ruling element as fire, the majestic jungle cat will spare no effort to make an impression and will charm the odds in his favour. But, essentially it all boils down to one word that aptly describes these formidable felines, "braggart".

However, your flattery will not be in vain and after a few ego massages you’d have gained a loyal and trusting friend. For, all that show of aplomb is just the outer crust which harbours an honest and forthright personality.

The Leo not only boasts sophisticated oomph but also impeccable taste to match his aristocratic lineage. Nothing but the best for the lion king, especially in the material world where a strong sense of aesthetics rules.

The lion is an over-achiever, driven by the need to outshine the ordinary and the will to win. As is typical of a fire sign, it is not so much the kill as the thrill of the chase that shoots up the adrenaline.

Fire meets fire and when it comes to a Leo in love the sparks couldn’t fly more. Even in love they command centre stage and their brash, unabashed overtures, though at times a little off the mark, are impressive. If you’re in love with a Leo you can expect moodiness, jealous passion and a lot of elaborate loving.

This gregarious, overt personality is further enhanced by vibrant colours like red, orange and bright yellows. Leos can kickback on a Sunday, the day set aside especially for the lord of the jungle. With an entire month devoted to them Leos can look forward to many such moments of relaxing solitude in the days to come.