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August 2nd, 2002, 08:11 PM
A single thought which sometime do come in our thought process is that what is it that we call progress . Is it doing fine material wise or is it something else..It may not be of any relevance in out day to day life but if we take the whole picture of life in perspective it might change our comfort levels to certain degree. What is it that a human being want ? the answer can vary from person to person ......the example can be given from the views of two journalists' account....one from toi and one from the age(aus land).......article in toi says" life is like circle of day and night , joys and sorrows,two sides of a coin ...a person who is undeterred by them ,makes life more livable for him/herself and living beings around is 'successful' " ....article in the age says "races which are lagging behind are themselves to blame and they should stop blaming others for thier misery" and with this he gives account of how jews have won hundreds of nobel prize ,muslims a couple and how white races have acquired wealth and prosperity(by this it is presumed he means hard currency)...he further blamed so called "not very prosper" of not working hard enough and fighting among themselves......By giving these examples I wish to explore is it right for a particular group of human beings to move out of their homes and plunder wealth from other's and then claim they are more "civilized" or are those right who gave way to these people(becoming strangers in their own homeland) to live in peace and making lives livable for them and others.....there may not be a clear answer.... does it comes down to the definition of progress, of prosperity or is it human nature which is influenced by so called "animal instinct"i.e. powerful rules..or there doesn't exist any human nature just a farce,an excuse to kill and to cage other species of this blessed planet.....

Hamlet: Do you see yonder cloud that's almost in shape of a camel?
Polonius:By the mass , and 'tis like a camel,indeed.
Hamlet: Methinks it is like a weasel.
*--William Shakespeare,Hamlet

August 5th, 2002, 05:30 AM
Material possessions have little to do with happiness. Wealthy people are not necessarily the best human beings. On the contrary their focus is more on materialism and exploitation of resources Human beings are ultimate resource which can be exploited. They say that Godess Sarswati and Lakshmi do not live in the same house. Sarswati represents education and real knowledge which helps shape humane society. Lakshmi on the other hand represents material wealth and power which makes one arrogant and more selfish.

People do not always believe what they hear or read but they will believe what they see. Therefore to be truly objective one must watch the actions of the person rather than listen to just words. Words are easily produced but actions are still harder. They say winners write the history so they can write what they want and no one wants to look ugly in history. The principle of cause and effect does rule every time even if people differ on definition of right and wrong.

August 6th, 2002, 01:10 AM
Therefore to be truly objective one must watch the actions of the person rather than listen to just words. Words are easily produced but actions are still harder

rightly said statement ShubhChandji...there was a telephonic conversation on 3AK(local rad stn.) which was between the host and a well to do businessman who left his successful business and now work as a motivational speaker....he hanged his business boots and went to visit native american indians in u.s.....at first they were vary of him and did not allow him in any of the ceremonies....he and his wife were sitting in one of their places after meeting the head and being refused... the head of the tribe went out after the meeting and met another head of neighbouring tribe ...he went a bit further and met another head.....these chain of events made him run back to the businessman and accept him in the ceremonies....indian americans think every event is connected to each other ...he saw the chance meeting with the heads as a good omen and a go ahead signal....a few weeks ago the businessman held a meeting of invited american indians,aboriginies and moaries(nz) along with young teenagers...and asked the young ones to learn from the guests and embedd the values in their own life...to know what they really want and achieve that.....