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November 5th, 2002, 02:13 AM
(Reference: Chautala's visit to San Francisco; posted elsewhere on board)

Wow! if jatland members know our chief minister personally, that says something

about Jatlands reach of influence! Maybe someone could ask him to participate in

discussions on board here (once in a while).

Another discussion board (soc culture india)

has discussed some solutions to current problems of India- and surprisingly, Jaswant Singh came up with the same solution in his recent speech in London ( he was respomding to a question raised by Pakistani side that

India should let plebicite (just like Mussaraf's referendum) decide the fate of Kashmir. Jaswant Singh replied that if India had resorted to Plebicite on Pakistan (in 1947), the country would not be existing today!! That got Pakistan shut up for good!! The idea of this kind of Indian response was brought up on Soc culture India some months back. Also the idea of initiating a project to join all rivers of India was discussed fervently on the same board 1 -1.5 years back (for even distribution of water throughout the country and thereby overcome flood/drought problem). Some days back it was in Indian newspapers that the government has initiated such a project. Big boards like soc culture are frequently visited by government officials (is generally believed).

If Jat politicians can be persuaded to keep an eye on this site too, maybe this board can then strengthen Jat influence in the real world!!

November 6th, 2002, 01:22 AM
Thinking Aloud.
I think this is a good idea to have the CM on the site but what will happen if all the leaders of opposition also turn up on this site (For example: Mr Hooda logs on also). It will then become a site with lots of mud sliniging. Also many members(chelas) will like to impress the so called chautalas by always 'agreeing to their posts'.
Honestly, its a good idea but works only if the CM is tech savy and knows the importance of the discussion. I donno if Mr. Chautala will have time from his San_Francisco_schedules to log on the website and listen to all our arguments.
But, Let me predict as an oracle. That the membership of Jatland will/should grow so much in the next 5 years that it will command an influence and then it will be important for the CM to log on and i think he might reply then to the discussions!!


November 6th, 2002, 11:36 AM
The hope is to make jat politicians aware of this site. Maybe some of them would like

to read posts here without making their visits public!! The site may help them get

perspectives from Jats all over the world.

Perhaps, the politician could start a thread on issues and see what response he/she gets! Chances look bleak though.