View Full Version : Perverse attitude of men towards women's issues and rights.

November 24th, 2002, 03:41 AM
Dear members,

It has been obvious for a long time that women's issues and rights mean squat (!!) for most men in India including the Jat community.

Dowry, female infanticide and selective abortion (gender ratio in Haryana is abysmally low), property rights, harassment and crimes against women have not shown any decline. A society which does not assure a sense of safety and well being in all its members will always fail to generate goodwill among them. It is the goodwill between the members that produces law and order, trade and investment etc.

Women are half of the society. The well being of women affects the well being of families.

I was particularly offended by some jokes in the humour section where offences against women like rape have been trivialised. Perhaps some men are too young to realise this, but physical assault and rape are deeply, deeply traumatising to women- and the trauma lasts their whole lifetime. One's body is the only thing one has any control over in this world. The absolute right over one's physical security is a sacred right - never to be treated lightly. There are innumerable other things to get pleasure from. Violating the sacred right of others is inhuman and should be unacceptable to all.

It is a such a simple and easily understandable concept. I am perplexed why a lot of men in our communities fail to see the point.

What can be done? Not tolerating perverse and immature attitudes would be a great step forward, and we can begin from right here at Jatland.com!

November 24th, 2002, 08:33 PM
Dear Urmila Ji,

I fully agree with you. But as always i would again say that such mentality stems out of lack of education.

I have not personally seen the posts in the humor section which make light of jokes on women "being raped" (maybe becuae i find almost all posts too stale to read). But i think the following should be done so that we can stop this from happenning in our immediate vicinity (at least for starters).

If a member finds something that encroaches on such topics like molestation etc she/he should report this to the moderator who in turn should give a warning to the author of the post. In my mind banning the author from posting any further posts will serve her/him right but i guess for now we should have something like a 3-warning system where the author's membership is revoked for good on the 3rd warning.

But i still believe in the age old saying "Prevention is better than Cure". What i prescribed above was and is essentially a "Cure". To be frank, right now i do not know on any way of "Preventing" such occurences......perhaps i am too young to know all this or perhaps because i was brought up in a more linear environment.....i was never told to look out for such things.....!!!!!