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December 2nd, 2002, 10:57 AM
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(Note :- this information is for increase awareness of memebers.I have checked all points of article if then also there is some mistakes let me know to so that i can modify it.U r Help Appreciated.)

These are few things we can keep in mind to do safer Internet banking.

1)Memorise your password
2)Use password between 8 to 12 characters and with a combination of alphabets, numbers and special symbols. For secured Internet banking, it is good practice to change your password regularly.
3)You should change your PIN regularly and frequently. You can do this online when you sign in to online banking.
4)Install a reliable anti-virus software on your PC/ Notebook
5)Clear the browser's cache memory after each online session
6)Always complete your online transactions and delete the browser history.
7)Take note of the last login time at each sign on
8)Do make it a habit to check the last login message that will show the last login performed by you.
9)Check your transaction history details regularly
10)Make regular backup of critical data
11)Some Web browsers temporarily store secure pages in your computer's memory. To prevent this from happening you must close all of your open browsers after you have logged off of Online Banking.

1)Do not disclose your password to anyone
2)Do not share your online banking customer ID or PIN with anyone.
3)Do not use easy to remember dates like your birthday to generate your password.
4)Do not use the same Internet Banking password for other online accounts
5)Your PIN should not be made up of easily recognizable combinations. Avoid combinations such as your birthday, phone number or vehicle license plate number.
6)It is dangerous to share the same password for your other online accounts such as e-mail access, online shopping, etc., as most non-banking systems provide easy access for password recovery.
7)Do not write down your password
8)Avoid storing your password in your wallet/ purse, PC or mobile phone. You should never allow your computer programmes to remember your password
9)Do not select the option on browsers for storing or retaining user name and password.

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