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December 19th, 2002, 05:57 PM
Delhi is India’s power centre…but although it is surrounded on all sides by
Jat-dominated territories, viz. Haryana, Western UP, Northern Rajasthan,
Bundelkhand and Punjab, Jats (a community of land-holders, who have been almost
solely responsible for the green and white revolution in India, and who form a
majority in the country’s security forces) never ruled Delhi!!!

I wonder why those people who came from Pakistan around 50 years back are ruling
India but a community which has a strong base, strong manpower, their own land,
for whom politics is a full time hobby, not only never had a hand in governing
India, but also never even held top government/ bureaucratic posts, in
comparison with other communities. We may have some positive points but surely,
our negative points must far exceed these, leading to this unhappy state of

While it always feels good to talk of our `greatness’, if we really want to
grow, we have to weed out our negatives and weaknesses – let’s share our views
on the negative side of our community….

December 19th, 2002, 08:10 PM
Bhai Harvinder....ghani badiya baat tha di te ya.....

bhai akk dusre ki tang khichan main lage hain sare ke sarre...national poltics ho ya gaam ki rajniti...sab jagah akk hi baat hain......arrr raj karne ke liye neta ki jarurat hoti hain jiske pichhee ye jat akjut ho ke chal sake....kya koi National Leader hain JATO ka ?????......naaaaaaa.....Ajit singh...or Chautala or Bansilal or baki jitne bhi hain....... akk dusre ke sath khade hone ki bajay akk dusre ki khilaf khade hain........kaisee bhala hoga jato ka....arr Jato main bureaucrates post pe isliye nahi hain ki jo education bureaucrate banane ke liye chaiye vo milti nahi hain or jisko padhane ki suvidha milti hain vo padhte ni....arr pad le to videsh main jake baith jata hain.....MAFI CHATA HUN PAR YE SACHH HAIN OR KADVA BHI HAIN......arr jo age badhne ki kosis karta hain usse girane ki kosis pahle suru ho jati hain......


sare ikkathe honge or biradri ki bhalayi ka socchenge to sab kam hogange...bureaucratic post pe khade pavenge or desh ki gaddi tak bhi pahunchege......par jarurat hain Sir Chotu Ram sarikhe ki......jo jatu ku ikkathaa kar ke unki asli taqat, achhayi or burayion ki pahchan kara sake....

Jai Hind

December 20th, 2002, 05:59 PM
its the puzzle that why jats are not so progressive even though having all the facilities and infra-struchture around them.
Jats are always busy in tuchchi Rajniti always, and trivial ego problems....

December 21st, 2002, 03:08 PM
harwinder beta,
compare a apple with apple.
because of 1857 revolt, forget about delhi, even agra was neglected
only jat sikhs where prefered, they have progressed. they came out of punjab and entered in business also. jat sikhs are many in usa, uk, canada and australia, who migrated 100 years ago
in haryana side, there was no university, people had to go to lahore
jats around delhi, started coming to milatry only during only world war 1. now they dominate in ICAR and army. top officers are jats. they started late but now are coming up. out of 6 IITs, two directors are jat.

i was in mumbai 16 years, local marathi are no where. here in Australia farmers have so much land say from delhi to chandigarh, they have their own helicopters, but farmers are not rich.
No where a farmer or a milatry person can pregress. Those people, who migrated to delhi from others parts of india they are bound to progress. you are progressing because you migated to mumbai.
i will write about mumbai jats later on.

December 21st, 2002, 04:22 PM
Malik Bilkul Sahi Ka Hai Bera Na In Jaata n Raaj Karan Tain Ke Dar Sa Laage Hai, Tau Devi Lal Pahunchaya Tha Upar Tahin Wo Bhey Dusrey Tahin Gaddi Sonp Ka Baith Ga arr aaj Tain Nahi Kadey Tain. Merey Dada Batawan they Ke Angrej nu Kaya Kartey Ke Jaat Sepoy to Achey Saabit Hote Hain Par Officery mey Kharey nahi utertey.

December 30th, 2002, 07:54 AM
In my humble opinion the biggest negative of Jats is ARROGANCE. As soon as any one of us acquires some thing (which he/she thinks worthwhile) our ego takes hold of our senses and ultimately comes in way of our progress. Real strength comes from within and not from outside but ofcourse it can be reiforced externally. Some times parents praise children for small things but if we over do it then it gets to their heads. The same is true for every one else. There may be some exceptions and would love to hear about them. Taking pride in one's work is one thing but being proud is indicative of egoism.

December 30th, 2002, 08:08 PM
Politics me to jats had more then their share. Even being less then 3% in population they had one PM and One D PM. In future even that will not be possible, as democracy works on numbers. So for sure in political area our share will decline.(Just my view, might be wrong) But that is not the only thing, Education and financial development is far more important and we as community are progressing in that direction slowly....

December 30th, 2002, 08:59 PM
Dear Mr. Malik,

You have raised a very pertinent question. I agree with the views of Shub Chand Ji, Lamba Ji and Ranvir Dalal ji.

I think there is one issue with Jats that has been pointed out by almost every one and that is a ego that we all live with. Being a Jat is good thing and we all shoud be proud of it, but guess what, it is some thing that we got from our parents. We are born in the community and that does not make any one of us great. It is our actions that is going to be ultimate test of our being successful or otherwise.
The root cause of all this is education. For long the women education had been neglected in our community. If we educate a boy we educate an individual, but when we educate a girl, we educate a family. That is what was not understood by our community in past. The trend is changing and more stress is being given to the women education.
Similarly, we need to address each issue on its merit and not because it came from a Jat or non Jat.
Another aspect is that because of our ego, we have segregated ourselves from the other communities. While I don't believe in the policy of apeasement, we need to respect all other communities. As Mr. Dalal has said that democracy works on numbers, and since we are not in majority in numbers we need to ensure support from the other communities for which we need to come out of our false ego and be more friendly. If some one acts in an arrogant manner, most people of other communities say "don't behave like a Jat". This is the image we have created for ourselves over the years. In such a situation we always carry a negative stigma with us. It is going to take time. We need to educate our youth to be more rational and take their actions after deliberate considerations rather than impulses.
I must congratulate you for bringing out a very important topic for discussion.

December 31st, 2002, 03:11 AM
I am curious to see if Jats can be generally defined. I have met extremely sophisticated Jats and also seen the most rustic. Attitude is the result of experience, i think. Jat attitude- as other people call it- is directly proportional to his/her proximity to vilage culture whether it is during his/her pre adult life or adult, i think. I really don't have an opinion on it at this stage but would like to come as close as possible in having one.

January 2nd, 2003, 07:09 PM
Dear Harvinder,

This issue really demands some consideration from each one of us. Lack of inclination towards good education is one of the most important reasons for this. Good education is something that can serve as a solid platform from where the Journey upwards can be started. We have examples to quote, who have done Jats proud. Now, although we have good institutions available but I really wonder how many Jats, specially from the small towns / villages wish to educate themselves by making best use of these(exceptions are there, but %age is too less). Lack of awareness can be taken as an excuse for this but the intention also seems to be missing. Although Jats are said to be hard workers, but unfortunately, now a days instead of working hard to achieve something, a tendency to get rich overnight seems to dominate there the minds of youth especially in the areas like NCR, where the agricultural lands are being acquired to develop residential colonies and they get good amount of money by selling this land. More often, this money is used to do "Ash" and "Masti"....

No wonder, crime rate is rising at an alarming pace in a state like Haryana which used to be one of the safest places to live....

Something really needs to be done to make eduaction a mindset for our people.

January 3rd, 2003, 06:49 AM
While education is essential it should not stop at school. The main problem is I believe in lack of informal education at home where parents teach their children life skills. In fact children are very observant and they pick up good or bad habits from their surroundings. The failure on the part of parents to provide clean and healthy environment at home is I believe one of the reasons why crime rate is on the rise since indulgence has become more important than labour. There can be some exceptions to this ( one such exception was noticed recently with great pleasure and would like to share with other Jats in a separate posting preferably under careers). Therefore the need is to find a balance in life and concentrate a larger proportion of our time and energy in developing next generation. Modern education which concentrates mainly on science and material aspect has it's limitations (If it were so perfect this World should become a better place to live with rising education level but is it happening ? Don't think so). The reason being simply the decline of human values which is happening at an alarming rate. Corrective action in the form of self improvement is needed more than money, jobs or toilets in rural area. Every one in society has an important role to play and we all know it. But the problem seems to be the attitude which can only be corrected by individual with some help from parents and other family members. If you are a good human being you will do good things for society.

January 10th, 2006, 10:52 PM
Bania: je din mei sowei, te raat ne rowe:[ If you will not work hard when you are young and capable, you will ruin your life]

Pundit: Ram khush te aap khush:[Keep God happy and you need not worry]

Mulah : ALLAH bhi uss ko de, jo Sirr jhukka kar le { Humility will never fail you]

Nai {Barber}: Ganjje ki khujai, Narak ki Rahi [ A bald man will not feed you}

Harijan : Jajmaan kamaiye....sonna lyaiye { If you keep your master happy, you will never be short of goodwill}

JAT: Maussam bah le, Jisa mil jya ussa kha le [ Sow only when weather is favourable, and eat whatever is available]

The above quotes had been in practice for long-2 time and each Quote has a great significance on why one is the way he is?

January 10th, 2006, 10:54 PM
Anpad JAT Pada Likha Jaisa aur Pada Likha JAT Khuda Jaisa !!!;)

I have heard it from someone. Maybe that (Ego) is a problem.

But in all honesty as some of the members have earlier said...we were slow to respond to the changing world. But Things are moving on for Jats too..which is good to see.

January 19th, 2006, 04:28 PM
1. Are we ready to move away from our house (home land)?
2. Do we have guts to take higher risks?
3. Can we be flexible in our ego?
4. Can we try and help each other in our community?
5. Can we put strict regulations in terms of sentiments?
6. Can we take the risk of doing something else apart from kheti and fauj?
7. Do we have the guts to compete with others?

These are some of the points, I personally feel needs to be looked at. If answer is a big 'YES' to all the above questions, we will be the best.

Hey man !!!



Anand Dalal