View Full Version : **GUMSUDA TALASH ON JATLAND** -- Jit

January 11th, 2005, 05:44 AM
hi! ppl,
ram ram,
here's a notice for u all...
I'm watching one thing for last couple of months that couple of very active Jatland members r now disappeared strangly n without them Jatland feels very much gloomy n lonesome.
IF any of u got any kind of info about them plz! do reply thro' this thread...those members r--
1) SANTOSH BENAAME-- our very own Mirza Galib....arguably the best Shayar here on Jatland....missing since Oct 2004....without him ab to Jatland ki Shayri mein koi swaad hi nahin raha, miss him very much..

2) SONALI SINGH-- our own Jatland's Vakil Sahiba aka sonu Tai...may be she used to be quite big headed, blunt n very quareling lady just like our desi Tai's in Haryana....but all in all she was our Tai so with out her....Jatland kafi suna-suna lagta hai....apne is virtual village ki to ronak hi khatam si ho gayi hai sonu tai ki haryanwi sune bina, missing since Sep 2004.....miss her very very much..

if any of u nice ppl get any kinda info about this ppl....plz! do update the thread.....i'll be more then happy if somehow i get them back to Jatland...

in high hopes....


rock on,