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January 11th, 2005, 07:54 AM
My dear members,

It is surprising to note that out of approx 2800 members of JATLAND, only odd 100 on the average visit the site per day.This is really very bad.Please visit the site regularly and have your say.

I am also seeing that some members like Sh R Kumar, Col jagmohan,maj Kulwant,Mr UDAY dahiya,Sujata Ma'm,Bamal and many more,who used to be THE LIFE OF THIS SITE,are not posting their valuable thoughts as actively as we expect out of these well meaning members.My sincere request to one and all to be active and exchange your views freely and frankly.....NAHIN TE KE FAYDDA ISS DABBE NE KHOL KE BATHTHAN KA.........HOPE U ALL R LISTENING ?



January 11th, 2005, 01:24 PM
Dear Mr dahiya,

You are right to a great extent about your observation. Lately I have noticed thatmost people come here to say things and not to listen to what others are saying. Jatland has become like a yahoo chat room where people care very little about each other's feelings. Even very meaningful topis like NAJC activities have hardly got any meaningful participation from members..Just to test the memebrs attitude I brought out the information on Bhoomi Poojan of my Cancer Hospital project which we are doing on 27th March 2005..Trust me, almost 60 members have read the post since yesterday, however, not a single member had cared to say few words to encourage us...This simply shows what sort of mentality members have developed lately...Its because of all this that I even posted my new year resolution and once again, not a single member except Kapoor Singh ji, bothered to say a word..I thought that was my most meaningful post indicating my true intentions for my community.....Moral of the story is that if these so called highly intellectual people care less for even encouraging well meaning people, then what does one expect of the community at large...Let us do our good deeds without worrying too much who thinks what of our intentions...I will keep you all posted of my actions on the ground.....I would certainly respond to meaningful posts as and when I see them..


January 11th, 2005, 03:37 PM
Dear All,

I can very well imagine how Dahiya Saheb feels about this issue because I had expressed the same sentiments a long time back. It is true that not very many members participate regularly. I can’t guess a reason as it is free society and one can’t order people to post their views. Each individual who feels strongly about an issue does his bit. Some feel that their responsibility is complete after writing, while others may not write and believe in DOING. And there may be some who feel that there is no point in wasting time here as every meaningful discussion meets an unceremonious end on the alter of egos.

I feel and had also mentioned it earlier that this site is a meeting ground for like minded people. We can also feel the pulse of our younger generation and vice versa and appreciate as to where are we moving. Personally speaking I don’t treat it anything more than that. I hope I am proved wrong but I don’t think that discussion on this site will end up solving all our problems.

Number of posts is by no means an indicator of one’s sincerity or otherwise. Members who have written less posts are also well meaning.

In the end we are all human beings. Sometimes one is not happy with the way the other member has commented. It is advisable to move on in life rather than waste time in small things. Why do we want to test others by posting something and waiting for the response? Who are we to test others? A mantra that has been taught to us by our elders and has stood the test of times is “Karam Kiye Ja”. Period. If one feels very strongly about an issue please go ahead and do it. Why are we looking for appreciation from another human being?

Rajendra Ji, I am sure the Cancer Hospital’s success is not at all dependent on the number of replies. Starting a cancer hospital in that part of the country is a deed in itself.

I feel one should not get too disturbed by matters like who writes and who does not. Let us continue to be good and make the difference in life of that ONE JAT.


JS Malik

January 11th, 2005, 04:19 PM
:) Dear Dev, Rajendra ji and Dear Fauji,

We live in time poor era and people do have various other commitments in life besides surfing the net therefore we should not be discouraged by some one's short absense. They will come back because it is their virtual home. Remember the old Kavita of

" Chiriya ke the bachche chaar!
Ghar se nikle pankh pasar!!
Purab se paschim ko dhaaye!
Ghoom ghaam jab ghar ko aye!!
Maata ko yon vachan sunaye!
Dekh liya hamne jag sara !
Apna ghar hai sabse pyara!!"

so let them see the World and they will come back to Jatland when it suits them.

It is a matter of pride for all of us that Rajendra ji is doing the great job of building a Hospital and extend heartiest congratulations and Best wishes on behalf of Jatland and Jat community. Please keep us posted through this chaupal and inspire other members.

Fauji has rightly said that those who are commited to their targets should not long for appreciation by others. But we all are humans and a little appreciation goes a long way in making some one's day. It is a great motivator. We surely can appreciate good deeds of other Jats and try to do our share as well. Some people aspire to be silent achievers and others need a pat on the back from time to time. Let us give it to them and help them achieve their aspirations and goals in life. There is no higher service than selfless service of mankind. To be instrumental in removing pain in some one's life is a matter of great personal satisfaction which only few get an opportunity. There are too many inflictors of pain (including nature) and not enough healers. Fortunate are those who get this opportunity. Rajendra ji has taken this bold initiative and we pray for his success in this venture.
Keep up good work.

January 11th, 2005, 07:31 PM
well said by Col. Malik,

A mantra that has been taught to us by our elders and has stood the test of times is “Karam Kiye Ja”. Period. If one feels very strongly about an issue please go ahead and do it. Why are we looking for appreciation from another human being?

An individual personality can be evaluated with his \ her constructive deeds rather then comments. Comments can be seasonal but actions should always be positive. If ‘thoughts’ are genuine then mould them into reality, people will definitely admire it.

Moreover we should refrain by getting trapped our ideology within this virtual web world.
Always Be Practical and help your kaum if you can !!

Stay Tuned.

January 11th, 2005, 08:08 PM
My dear members,

I wanted to say that people specially young budding folks should creat their threads and share their thoughts and ideas with all of us,which in turn will benefit them in particular and all of us in general.

When i post my thread,it is with a sole aim of sharing,whatever is with me or in my surroundings with all of you.yes i am of the opinion that for encouraging people,specailly young ones towards taking part in discussions of healthy kind,some sort of appreciation as a token of acknowledgement goes a long way in boosting their self-esteem.

AS regards to practicals,it may not be possible at all times,but reception of a idea through the forums like these can be a catalyst for implementation at a later date in future and hence ridiculing the very idea of discussion will not be fair.Each one of us are capable of teaching a thing or two to one another................happy reading!


January 11th, 2005, 09:20 PM
Ram Ram,

I will just confine myself in replying to the Thread(First One).

Writing requires some form of stimulants and these stimulants may be in any form like Tragedy, Controversy, Humor, Happiness and Entertainment etc.

And a person will feel writing when he/she is really stimulated to write, provided he/she has time to write.

Writing is a very deliberate process, so what I mean to say is that even if a member has gone in to hibernation then he/she may be contemplating about writing some good stuff or he/she may be in the process of doing something worthwhile in his/her practical life.

January 11th, 2005, 09:35 PM
Bhai Kulwant,

Point Taken.it Makes Sense............thanx A Ton..........stay Tuned